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instagram selling

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform that is open to both individual and corporate use. Especially in recent years, it is known that corporate accounts have created profiles in order to both provide prestige management, increase sales and make direct Instagram sales.

Instagram has created a special ‘Business Account’ panel for those who open accounts for commercial purposes in recent years. To use this panel, the Instagram profile in question must not be hidden. By marking this profile as a commercial profile, Instagram offers users special Instagram ad models, custom biography type and post formats.

 In this context, the number of individuals or small enterprises that make sales on Instagram or create an intense marketing strategy is increasing day by day.

Today, we will talk about sales ideas that can be applied on Instagram. When talking about these sales ideas, we will be talking about both the products and services that can be sold and the tools that can be used in marketing these products and services.

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Product or Service Ideas That Can Be Marketed on Instagram

When the most popular products or services marketed on Instagram are examined, we see that in general, services for women’s cosmetics and textile shopping appear more frequently.

If you want to market a unique, unique and interesting product on Instagram, we can say that handmade textile products have really attracted a lot of attention and are sold with extremely high profit margins. Textile and accessory products that focus especially on knitting and lace embroidery can be sold for several times their cost.

This will all happen thanks to Instagram’s extremely powerful ‘Discover’ page algorithm and your serving in a unique, different, minimalist style. In this context, knitted bustiers, hair bandanas or bags that you will produce as handcrafted can be a very good idea.

Of course, while deciding what style the products you will produce, you should not forget that you need to do a preliminary research for your target audience. You can produce products in a minimalist, classic, traditional or avant-garde style. You can also determine your sales prices according to the audience you will address and according to your competitors.

We have to say that there is a serious increase in the popular jewelry and accessories accounts on Instagram. These accounts, which are generally called Instagram boutiques, accept payments through their own Shopier accounts and perform marketing on Instagram. Especially in recent years, we see that jewelry made of brass or silver and gold-plated is popular.

These jewelery, which can appeal to many different wallets on a budget, can also create a stylish and luxurious look. Moreover, it is really easy to do this job from the moment you find a supplier that provides affordable products. If you wish, you can also open your own workshop to reduce costs and build a long-term business by marketing more creative designs.

Individuals who research Instagram business ideas often discover sales boutiques that focus on a specific category, such as a T-shirt or a bag. Since these sales boutiques sell thematic products, they have the opportunity to make continuous, affordable and mass sales.

For example, if you have an account that sells many t-shirts that differ in terms of both cut and model, such as basic, crop top, regular and slim fit, and you address both men and women in this account, you can easily sell on Instagram. Because such products create business ideas suitable for marketing and Instagram users.

Instagram Marketing Ideas

After reviewing Instagram business ideas, we can now talk about Instagram marketing ideas you can use to grow those business ideas and make a profit. Instagram creates an excellent market with many advertising and marketing models that it offers to users who open accounts for business and marketing purposes. 

Therefore, those who research about ways to make money from Instagram can generally find jobs with potential for growth. Here are some of the alternatives you can use as part of Instagram marketing ideas:

By using Instagram’s different advertising models, you can highlight the story you share, put your post in front of more people with ads, and become popular with multiple posts and video content. This way, more people will see your profile, buy something from you or follow you. Thanks to Instagram’s advanced algorithms, it is extremely easy to expand your domain.

Using the analysis systems offered exclusively to business accounts, you can view how many people your posts have reached, how much they are liked and how many people have saved them through your panel. In this way, you can find the type of post that works best for you in a very short time and create a strategy accordingly.

While using Instagram advertising options, you can take advantage of various filtering and personalization options. In this way, you can reach your target audience much faster and you pay much less advertising cost for this.

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