Instagram Reels: Must-Try Hacks To Increase Your Engagement

instagram reels

Want to make your Instagram Reels go viral and gain engagement rapidly? If yes, here lies the great opportunity to unveil the secrets. As you know, Instagram is a proficient social media platform that helps you gain success in all areas of expertise. 

If you are an Instagrammer, you might already be aware of the excellent features and the app’s significance. Therefore, if you want to make your presence prominent in a platform such as this, leveraging Reels is an excellent option. Henceforth, explore this article and discover the effective points to craft and increase your IG Reels engagement effectively.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a short video format popular among users for creating and sharing content. While the feature is a competition to TikTok’s short video format, it has just marked its prominence with its significance. The feature’s effectiveness is such that almost everyone creates videos and shares them worldwide. However, even when making Reels videos is beneficial, the competition is more. 

For instance, if you use the free Instagram Hashtag Generator, the chance of reaching the right audience is higher. So, implementing such tips is important to stand one step ahead of the competition. If you want to make your Reels stand out of the crowd and go viral, following effective hacks is essential. Henceforth, without further ado, read the hacks and earn success swiftly. 

Must-Try Hacks To Increase IG Reels Engagement 

There are lots of different ideas that you can use to create and improve your Reels content. But among a wide range of content, searching for the idea that suits your needs is a hectic task. Hence, here are the most commonly used effective hacks that you can use to help with your process splendidly. Check out the ideas immediately and implement them into your IG Reels creation process to go viral instantly. Read on! 

1 Start Your IG Reels With a Hook

The first thing that will capture your attention when watching a video is “a mystery or a surprising element.” When the start is captivating, it will surely make the audience pause and watch the video. So, make sure that you start your IG Reels with a gripping message. Once it is complete, go with the flow and deliver your message in a direct yet precise manner. This way, your first step to gaining engagement will be accomplished.  

2 Add Filters & Music 

Next to creating content, another factor that helps grab the audience’s attention instantly is the presentation of the video. Yes, most people pay attention to a particular video when the visual quality and the audio are excellent. Hence, make your Reels video aesthetically pleasing by adding appropriate filters and effects. Additionally, add audio that is currently trending or popular for more exposure. This way, the chances of going viral are guaranteed completely. 

3 Include Hashtags 

Adding relevant hashtags is one of the easiest and most powerful resources to increase your Reels engagement. Yes! Leveraging the right hashtags for your video can exponentially uplift your exposure. Want to know why? 

Simple, using a relevant word followed by a hashtag will help users search for a product/service easily. For example, if users search for # apparel in the search, a number of reels and posts will display on their screen rapidly. This way, when you use a Best Instagram Hashtag Generator, the chances of getting discovered are high. Therefore, utilize hashtags and earn rewards swiftly. 

4 Utilize The Best Tools 

As the significance of using hashtags is constantly increasing, many new tools have come into existence exclusively for hashtags. Among them, one of the best tools that you can use to generate instagram hashtag reels is undoubtedly ProHashtag. This free online tool is an amazing savior. 

The tool’s user interface is so seamless that anyone can use it and get recognized instantly. For example, the steps you should follow to avail hashtags are simple and easy. If you want to know about it, check out the points below and understand. 


  • Visit the site
  • Type in or paste the keyword related to your content in the blank field. 
  • Click the option “Generator.”
  • Once done, you can see a lot of options available below.
  • Copy the hashtags that suit you the best and 
  • Paste them to your Reels video.

That’s it! The process is simple to the core and is completely free to use. 

Final Thoughts 

Instagram Reels are getting popular daily. Almost everyone is scrolling through the Instagram app and watching videos swiftly. So, this is an excellent opportunity for creators looking forward to gaining popularity on their Instagram profiles. Besides that, the process of creating videos is also easy. Therefore, start creating IG Reels with the above hacks and go viral instantaneously. Hope this article helps you in developing effective reels content. All the best