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What is an Instagram business account and how to open it here are all the details. Instagram is the platform where users share their photos with filters and social networking features since 2010 . It is the most popular application of social media. Instagram is a social media platform with a very large user base. Instagram is an application that emerged to share photos on smartphones.

You can register an Instagram account only on your smartphones. First of all, you should start by downloading the application to the phone. For those who will register for the first time, you can make a direct connection from your Facebook address. Or, by using the sign up option, find a unique username with your phone number or e-mail address and complete your Instagram registration process by putting a password that you will not forget your password . You can then send a follow request to your close friends, friends and friends to see what they share with them and let them see your posts. You can also follow the sharing accounts you like.

Apart from individual users , brand owners started to get good results in terms of phenomenon by making promotions on Instagram. Thus, businesses made Instagram available as a free advertising tool. Instagram has offered them the Instagram business account option for such businesses. And how to open an Instagram business account in users’ minds ? It made room for the question. (Instagram Support)

An Instagram business account is to present the profiles of business-oriented businesses and their products to their users for free advertising. Although a regular profile account does not have the ability to advertise, you can create your own ads from the business account and run these ads. Thus, you can get the chance to reach many target audiences. Only non-commercial web site or individual users can benefit from these features.

Instagram business account

  • Turning  general  Account to a Business Account
  • Creating a business account is a very simple process.
  • First of all, registering for an Instagram account
  • After registering the Instagram account , simply log in.
  • Tap the settings icon in your profile
  • Click on Switch to business account from the Settings tab .
  • To create a business account you need to have a Facebook business page , so you need to open your Facebook page .
  • It is not possible to switch to a business account for hidden accounts.
  • Make sure that your personal information is correct in Set your business profile .
  • You can then complete your process by clicking on the done option.
  • In this way, your profile is transferred from an individual account to a business account.
  • Important rules you should know
  • Your Instagram account must be public.
  • For a business account, it must have a Facebook page.
  • You can only have one business account from the Facebook business page .
  • In your personal information, you must include an e-mail, phone number or directions.

Differences Between a Business Account and a Regular Profile

  • You can create and publish your ads in the business account . You cannot create ads in your regular profile.
  • You can enable users to reach you with the contact button in the business account . There is no connect button in a regular profile.
  • You can easily provide directions from the map with the driving directions feature in your business account, but the normal account does not have the driving directions feature.
  • You can access statistical data in the business account . You cannot access statistical data in the normal profile account.
  • In general, we can list the differences between a regular profile and a business account in this way. The most important feature of a business account is that you can create and publish your ads and highlight your shares.

Business Account Features

  • You can reach more target audiences by promoting your company from your business account .
  • You can control the interactions of your shares.
  • The selling company offers the option to contact the owners.
  • It enables sales companies to find directions to their customers from the map with the option of directions.
  • You can access the statistics data of your business account .
  • You can control how many weekly or daily posts your posts get likes and which posts are viewed the most
  • You can create and run ads from your business account . hence, you can stimulate your company.

Features of Instagram

You can now show your friends your last seen time in the message section of Instagram, or you can turn off your last seen time by turning off the show my activity option in settings.

  • To save data, it will not open videos on the home page unless you want to, by turning off your data saving option.
  • You can hide from your profile by removing the Show my profile option from the photos you are tagged in. You can even remove the tag.
  • You can hide your stories from the story settings for people you don’t want to see your stories on Instagram, so they won’t see your stories.
  • If you don’t want some people to comment on the posts you shared, you can use the disable commenting option.
  • You can add your favorite filters on Instagram to the favorites section.
  • You can archive the posts you share, so you can easily select your posts that you cannot delete from the archive when you want to share them again later.
  • You can mute the posts and stories of people you don’t want to follow but can’t unfollow.
  • You can adjust the color tones you want in your Instagram stories color palette.
  • By using the option to enable alerts in the accounts of the followers whose posts you do not want to miss, you will receive a notification as a result of any post sharing.
  • You can clear your search record.

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Can I Open an Instagram Business Account?

Instagram business account is a new feature. Anyone can have a Business Account on Instagram.

What are the Advantages of Opening an Instagram Business Account?

Sellers with Instagram business accounts allow you to easily reach millions of users on Instagram. You can reach your target audience and increase your sales figures quickly.

Is It Paid To Open An Instagram Business Account?

You don’t have to pay a fee for an Instagram business account. Just like regular Instagram accounts, you can open a business account for free or turn your own account into a business account.

Can I Make Money From Instagram?

Having a lot of interaction on your Instagram posts provides you with the opportunity of advertising and you can earn money.

Can I Open a Business Account and Sell Products?

Thanks to your business accounts on Instagram, you can make product sales as you wish.

Is There a Limit for Opening a Business Account?

It is okay to open a business account from your Instagram account.

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