Top 5 Innovative Office Solutions For 2022

innovative office solutions

For companies that are innovative and would like to be established in the industry, their office spaces need to resemble their goals and innovation. Long gone are the days when a row of cubicles and coffee machines could satisfy the company’s needs, and that is why most offices today tend to be more innovative. Companies around the world are doing their best to incorporate modern development and designs into their working spaces, and for a good reason. When you have an innovative office space you are able to promote and foster productivity, creativity, and innovation. Let’s see how companies can bring all these with innovative office solutions. 

Bring the Nature Inside

Microsoft’s Milan office is an amazing example of bringing nature into offices and using it as a tool to create separate workspaces. They even used varying sound equipment and decor in every workspace to create new elements and separate workstations while the space is open. They even used different layouts and floors to create different areas of the office. 

What is more, you can use plants to create spaces soothing to your employees. Potted plants, green walls, open spaces – all these will bring contemporary elements into your office design, as well as promote health, and creativity. 

Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is definitely the top trend in modern workplaces. This type of working is simply flexible working where the employer allows employees to work either from the office, home, or a third space of their desire. The hybrid type tends to combine fully remote and fully in-person models, allowing more flexibility to everyone as well as many benefits of both working from home and office work. This is certainly the most innovative solution in offices, allowing everyone to feel less stressed and to better organize their time resulting in productivity. 

Top-Notch Equipment

Clips, paper, and files are not satisfactory anymore. More and more offices are switching to more innovative office solutions and are bringing new equipment inside. Yes, there is still the need for paper, clips, and files, but some companies have gone digital with it. With that, new network solutions came into play, too and people are switching to technology. Companies are building their websites, there are teams of IT support, better network connections, etc. Some are even going paperless and switching to digital documents and even tools that help everyone stay in touch and organized. All these are the elements that made the hybrid and remote models possible during the past few years, and that’s where innovation sparked. 

Health and Safety

Modern companies are putting more focus on the health and safety of their employees. Even though they work in offices where there is no real danger, people are aware that they need to take care of their physical and mental health. 

People are aware of how stressful work can get and that is why employers are doing their best to bring peace into offices. This is done through natural elements, sufficient breaks, and even entertainment in the office. Regular check-ins with your workers are also a must in order to help them resolve problems and feel better. What is more, more and more offices are incorporating hand sanitizers, both automatic and manual so their employees can stay healthy and free of viruses. Hygiene in office spaces has become a priority and companies are doing all they can to bring everything needed for people to stay safe and healthy.


Neurodiverse often refers to individuals who have different neurodevelopment. These include ADHD, Autosim, and learning disabilities. Today, companies are more open to accepting such people and making ergonomic accommodations for them. There is now furniture for all body types or access and accessibility for a variety of physical and mental limitations. Companies are being innovative when it comes to accepting everyone no matter the disability. What is more, people with different neurodevelopment often think in a different way than the rest and that is why companies like having them around more and more since they bring a new point of view, new methods of work and promote innovation and creativity.

These are just a few examples of innovative office solutions and modern ways of work. The last couple of years have taught us a lot but the biggest lesson is how we should be thankful for technology and togetherness. That is why companies are learning from these lessons and are implementing new ideas and ways of working and thinning making work easier for people. And when there is less stress there is more innovation, productivity, and creativity.