Influencer Marketing – What Sorcery is this?

influencer marketing

Your business will skyrocket with this one trick…

A lot of people while starting a business need three important things, first is the idea, second is investment/capital and third is market/audience. For the establishment of the business first two factors are needed but for running the business they need “AUDIENCE”. For this some business invests a lot amount in marketing, researching on the targeted audience, advertisement and much more.

Some business starts their own site, after that, they go for SEO, digital marketing, promotions and so and so forth. We can calculate how much they spent on each items, like for developing a site and maintenance they will spare some amount, for digital marketing and SEO they spent some more amount if the list goes on then these small amounts turn into a big value, which ultimately slows down the system and as a result half of their amount is wasted just to get a proper market. Although they get the market after all this chaos, in the end, they may or may not make a good profit.

The smart business follows one simple trick which cuts down their spending on the above points and they just go for influencer marketing.

Let’s take a scenario where two business with the same product and they both got equal capital, let’s name them as business A and B, A follows the legacy rules like he started developing a website, after that he did the SEO and digital marketing, he keeps a research team for collecting the targeted audience, he then goes for an advertisement agency. 

Now consider the business B, he just went on to find social influencers with a thoughtful approach and understanding. He then gave all the details of the product and that’s it.

Research has proven that people doing all the activity that business A did they got less audience and hence less marketing and as a result less business whereas people like B remarkably excelled in the business.

So What Exactly is Influencer Marketing

Yes, people who thought it’s a combination of two words influencers and marketing, the influencer is a person who can motivate people to take any action or to do some task. Marketing is like promoting or selling a product or giving services.

Influencer here refers to a person who can easily motivate a mass number of people to purchase or subscribe to your service based on your business pros and cons. This is way easier, less cost, more effective and in the long run.

How this Influencer Marketing Works 

This is mostly done on social platform sites and mostly on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Yes, previously these platforms were just to meet with your friends and have a conversation and making new friends and posting pics and status. But now this sites has become a huge and perfect place for the market place, what it does it, the so-called ‘influencers’ are the people who choose a particular niche, for an instance like tech gadgets like smartphones or collection of watch or collection of dresses, so those people post their status and videos in those social apps and they get the audience from here, the audience like their contents and get influenced by whatever they post or do. So this is the golden opportunity for business people to market their products.

The social platforms that hold good for this marketing approach are Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook; nowadays people are more active in social media than the television, people hardly sit in front of the TV, so it will be easy to promote the business where they are hooked for a long time, researches have shown that people spent around 4-5 hours per day just surfing and browsing their cell phones. So whenever the influencer posts any content then they can slide up the product and thus making good marketing.

Difference between the Legacy Way of Marketing (LWM) and Influencer Marketing

LWM involves a lot of effort, time and cost. In simple we have to find the proper audience, we have to invest in an advertising agency for our business, we have to create our own website and do the maintenance after that SEO, digital marketing a lot of stuff.

On the other hand, Influencer Marketing, where the influencer already has an audience with the same interest. Their content matches with the business, you can save time, effort and cost. Marketing becomes easy when we have more number of people, it’s better than going to the door or just posting an online advertisement.

Why Influencer Marketing

This is done for many reasons few of them are like just to generate traffic, else to sell a product, else to just register in their website.

Another main strategy that lies behind this is creating hype, example, before launching a product in the market most company ask for unboxing their product and explaining the features.

Brand awareness, by this the audience will get to know about the product before it gets launched in the market.

Now, take a scenario if an influencer having a good face value joins with a small business, then the business will boom the same holds true for a big company joins to reach influence with an influencer who is having bad face value, then the business will drown.

How to Search the Right Influencer Marketer 

If a business sells gadgets related product then they have to filter the top social media influencers whose niche lies with the content related to technology so that the audience will be in the same page and marketing becomes easy for both the business as well as the influencers.

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