Influencer marketing is one of the most famous ways of social media marketing. The tactic has proven to be effective in terms of audience engagement. Influencer marketing is popular among businesses. 

Big brands, small companies, and even individual businesses are also using influencer marketing for their benefit. It attracts an audience in a way that feels more natural and friendly.

Now, when we think of Influencer Marketing from a business point of view the benefits are many. What about consumers? Consumers are the ones who are exposed to influencer marketing communications and they do benefit through it.

Influencer marketing just like any other marketing communication affects consumer behavior. Some of the effects are more visible than others. But no influencer marketing campaign is successful without a great strategy to back it up. And this is done by professional influencer marketing agencies like Confluencr.

They work with brands to help them curate influencer marketing campaigns that help them convert better. They design, develop & successfully execute influencer marketing campaigns that prove beneficial to brands.

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In this article we’ll be discussing 10 benefits experienced by Consumers due to Influencer Marketing:

Breaks Advertising Fatigue

Consumers are exposed to a huge number of ads consistently. This makes the audience avoid marketing communication altogether. Especially, if there’s a particular medium or platform where they get exposed to advertising messages regularly due to the advertising fatigue they develop certain advertising blindness which makes them avoid it. Influencer marketing breaks this fatigue for the audience.


Influencer marketing acts as a testimony for the audience. They follow influencers for their expertise and when influencers vouch for a particular product it gives the audience confidence to invest in that particular commodity or service. An influencer is a reliable source for the audience.

Personal Touch 

Influencers are known for their influence on their followers and expertise in the field which gives them credibility amongst the audience. Apart from this audiences have a personal connection with influencers due to which they follow a particular person. As a result of which they feel that influencer marketing has some personal connection to them and it’s not just a marketing tactic.

Free gifts 

Who doesn’t like when things are ‘Free’? Influencer marketing uses various contests and giveaways which can help the audience win prizes. This gives consumers a change from regular marketing exposure, where everyone’s constantly asking them to buy things. Also, this helps them to remember what kind of product or brand, or service is offered through gifts. It not only excites them to keep in touch with the brand but also creates a different recognition due to the contest.

Appreciates consumers 

Influencer marketing is appreciative with regards to consumers. Unlike traditional marketing, it considers consumers as smart and competent individuals. It shares experiences about the business with them. It doesn’t sell them need or insecurity rather shares their first had to experience with them. This makes them feel appreciated and they take that conversation rather genuinely and seriously.


Influencer marketing is engaging in nature. It doesn’t come in the form of a pop-up or a video ad that disrupts your time on social media. Rather, influencer marketing comes along with your social media content just like any other post that the audience will view otherwise. This makes it more engaging than others ‘in your face’ marketing. It makes them engage with the influencer marketing campaign just like any other post.


Influencer marketing is not just about suggesting and reviewing products. It provides consumers with value. Even if a consumer is not interested in a particular product it shares value with them through content and caption. This makes the audience consider the business while selecting their options before buying a commodity.

High Relatability 

When brands tie-up with Macro or micro-influencers rather than a celebrity with millions of followers the relatability of the content goes high. Often audiences follow influencers before they become influencers who can be chosen for marketing. It makes the content shared by such influencers relatable. Influencers have earned trust from the audiences and when they share some product with their follower’s consumers find it relatable and genuine.

Reduces risk of trying a new thing

Consumers are often apprehensive about trying a new product or business but when they give reviews from influencers about a particular business this apprehension takes a back seat. This goes well with the testimony they receive through influencers. Due to this reduced risk, they can be less conscious about investing in a new purchase.


Influencer marketing is entertaining. It’s not like traditional marketing where copy, message, and offers are placed in front of an audience. Rather with the help of social media, influencer marketing is fun and entertaining. It provides videos and fun pictures with the audiences, stories can work as teasers to get the audience hooked for a particular announcement, this makes influencer marketing interesting above all.

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