8 Indications That You Might Need a Mold Inspection

mold inspection

Mold inspection in the home or the business structure is just like a silent killer. It encompasses an end number of fungi species whose growth causes discoloration and dusty appearance on various materials of home and business. It spreads very easily and quickly, which leads to long-term health issues if not treated by doctors properly on time. 

However, in some of the cases, people don’t get any idea whether their health is impacted because of spreading mold until and unless they notice various symptoms like skin irritation or respiratory problems. So, if you suspect that your home might have mold, you must contact the best mold inspection service provider in Orange County.

A professional will come and perform an inspection of your home and do mold testing. But before that, it’s a good thing to know the signs of the mold before you call any of the top mold removal companies in San Diego.

What is mold inspection?

Mold inspection is the process in which a mold specialist will inspect the home to check the sign of mold infestation. Mold especially grows in areas where there is a lot of humidity. 

So, let us discuss those signs: –

Black spots on walls

If you find black spots in the interior surfaces of your home like floors, walls, ceilings, etc., then these are the signs of mold growing behind drywall or any other surface coverings. However, sometimes normal black patches look like mold but don’t ignore them. Instead, call a professional inspector to have a look into it.

Apart from that, you also go for mildew inspection if the black spots are growing more prominent and also change shape and color. However, this thing indicates mold is deteriorating into spores which is the sign of damage to the other surface of your house.

Moldy or musty smell

This smell seems longer, especially when the door and windows of the home are closed, as it is a sign of mold growth. That means with the scent, and you can easily find out whether the mold is growing in-home or not as they are not visible with naked eyes. So, call the mold specialist as soon as possible when your home starts smelling musty and moldy.

Carpet discoloration

If the mold is spreading in the home, the carpet typically gets wet from spills and darkens with time. This change in color happens when mold spores are growing in numbers and eating away the fibers of the carpet. Basically, people come to know about this when the carpet starts to show signs of wear. However, if you are also watching this sign, it’s time to get a mold inspection.

Water leaks

No one likes a leaky faucet as it will motivate the families to fix them when it is left too long. However, leaky faucets and fixtures are left unattended too long, and they will quickly become a breeding ground for mold. This mold quickly spread in every other corner of the home through air conditioners and various other systems.

Some of the familiar sources of water leaks are: –

  • Leaking showers
  • Leaking sink pipes
  • Leaking garbage disposal
  • Leaking water heaters
  • Leaking water pipes
  • Leaking tub, and many more.

Skin irritation

Sores or lesions on the individual skin is a sign of mold which is affecting your health. However, if there is a rash on your body due to mold, it can take the form of an erythema, also called a red skin condition. This rash can be due to fungal infection, so contact dermatitis. 

Upon that, the red skin condition on the body often occurs due to allergic reaction, which starts with tiny bumps which become more extensive in size and itches as they are in contact with mold spores in the air.

Asthma or allergies get worse.

Mold is without doubt an allergen, so if you watch that your allergies or asthma problems are getting worse, then it indicates mold growth. Upon that, if various types of allergies or respiratory issues are developing, then it is a real sign of mold development. 

Apart from that, sick pets in the house also indicate that the air quality of the home is very poor, and there might be mold in the home because of which animals are getting sick.

Breathing difficulties and nausea

If while inside your home you are experiencing difficulty in breathing in every corner of significantly smaller enclosed spaces, then it is due to airborne conditions. That means mold and mildew are growing inside the shower or water-damaged areas of the home. 

Due to mold spread, frequent vomiting will be there after eating anything, which could be the reaction to mold toxins that are getting into your body through various foods. 

Condensation on the window

Condensation present inside the window can also lead to mold growth in the wood. If you see moisture on windows, then it is a sign that the moisture level of the house is too high. So, contact a professional and also use a dehumidifier.  

How to reduce mold in your home?

There are various things which you can do to prevent your home from mold like: –

  • Cleaning up visible mold from time to time
  • Use vacuum cleaner with a high-quality filter
  • Fixing various water leaks and various other building faults so that mold will get any place to develop
  • Make sure low-light places like the bathroom and kitchen are correctly dry
  • Use exhaust fans, open windows, and doors while doing any work
  • Vent clothes drying to the outside

The bottom line

Most common cause is mold spread in a humid environment having poor ventilation. However, it also prefers low-light places like bathrooms. So, it is recommended by the best mold inspection service company in Orange County to pay close attention to these areas.

The reason is mold is a hazardous problem that cannot be taken lightly; otherwise, it can cause serious health issues and can lead to death as well. So, if you see any of the above signs at your home, immediately contact top mold removal companies in San Diego. 

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