10 Tips To Improve Your WordPress Website Speed


If your site’s pages load faster then visitors will prefer to visit your site than your competitors. In this tutorial, I will walk you through all the best ways to speed up a WordPress site that is 100% working.

Why is it important to speed up a website?

When a visitor opens a page on your site, he waits 1-2 seconds for the page to load. If this is between your site is not open then the user goes to some other site. Almost 90% of people do not like a website that takes a lot of time to load.

With this, after having good content on your site, you will not be able to get traffic or due to slow site speed, the Google search rank of your site will also go down.

Google now considers site speed as a ranking algorithm and Google rank is decided based on the speed of your site. That’s why it is important that you speed up your site so much that the site page is loaded in 1-2 seconds.

wordpress website speed

1. Choose a Good Web Host

Selected a good web hosting server. Mostly, we install WordPress on shared hosting which talks about unlimited pageviews and unlimited data transfer. But the right hosting server has more downtime and it makes your site slow.

If you want your site to be up all the time and get 100% uptime then you have to choose the best web hosting server.

Choose the Right Web Hosting Provider for Your WordPress Site Karna is the best option to speed up the site. You can buy VPS hosting, dedicated server, or cloud hosting on your own as per your requirement.

There are many web hosting providers and they also make big claims but there are some hosting providers who also provide the same service as they say.

All my site is hosted on the DigitalOcean server and for the last 1 year, I got 100% uptime. For example, you can see how much speed up this site is without the SMI plugin.

2. Choose a Solid Framework or Theme

Select a solid framework or theme. Speed ​​Up or Optimize WordPress Site I like themes to play a major role. A WordPress theme designed with well-coding, the right balance, image, or content optimization will make your site loading fast while a baker theme will slow down your website speed.

For WordPress’s top fast-loading themes and frameworks, I would recommend you StudioPress Theme, MyThemeShop, and Thrive Theme.

Use paid themes and optimize the usage as per your requirement. Remove the scripts, Jquery features that you do not need. Only the required content has to be loaded.

3. Optimize WordPress Database

How to Optimize WordPress Database? When we install a theme or plugin on a WordPress blog and then uninstall it, its data is saved in the database. Using many of our themes and plugins creates an extra table in the WP database, due to which the site speed becomes slow.

In this way, by optimizing the WordPress database and deleting the extra tables and queries, it will speed up your site quite a bit. You can optimize the database manually through the server or using plugins. I use wp-optimize and wp-sweep plugins to do this. Hi, WordPress Optimization Plugin is free and best for optimizing WordPress site databases.

4. Install a Cache Plugin

Use the best cache plugin. You can use cache plugins to speed up your WordPress site. The Cache plugin caches all the pages of the site in an HTML file and saves them in WordPress memory. In this, when a user opens a page, the cached page is served without the database process when the browser sends a request to the server.

The speed of this website becomes fast and the site pages are loaded fast because the browser gets the fully prepared file. Bad usage to install cache plugin is needed to set up properly, in this article will help you.

5.Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Use CDN. The server we use is a location we can choose from, your blog’s data is served from that location all over the world.

For example, if you have selected an Indian location server, then your site data will be served from India across the world. This slows down the speed of your site in distant countries.

You can test the speed of your site on the World Wide Performance Tool to see what is the speed of your site at which location.

CDN means Content Delivery Network provides me data centers around the world. They serve your site’s data (CSS, JavaScript, images) from different locations.

6.Make Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design. Your website should be properly open on all devices desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. You can check your site report on Google PageSpeed ​​Tool and see on which device your site is slow.

For mobile devices, you can use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

You can use a simple and clear web design theme to make your site load faster, or you can contact a Web Design Company in Dubai Key to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive. this company is a good company

A website with a simple design is more popular than a website with a beautiful design. For proof, you can check out your favorite top blog websites.

The best part is that Google likes responsive sites more. Your site is solely responsible for improving the search ranking of the site.

7. Optimize Image Automatically

Optimize WordPress image. If images are used on your site and the size of the image is large, then the pages of your site will load slowly.

Image is the most effective way to attract the audience for any website or blog but you should not use too big size image. The higher the size of the image, the longer it will take to load.

Increase WordPress JPEG Image Compression Decrease Kaise Kare

You can speed up the site by compressing WordPress images to reduce their size. For this you can use Smush Image Compression, ShortPixel Image Optimizer or EWWW Image Optimizer plugin.

8. Optimize Homepage to Load Quickly

Make website homepage fast loading. Any user opens the homepage of your site the most. If the homepage of your site is hi slow, then there is confusion among the user that your site is very slow.

But if you are late to make the homepage of your site fast loading, even if the site page is not fast loading, then the user compares your site with homepage speed.

It is important to speed up the site homepage for a better user experience. You can make the site homepage fast loading by the following way.

  • Display the minimum post (3-5).
  • Unnecessary widget to remove.
  • At least show the pictures.
  • Yes, remove the sidebar from the homepage for the sake of it.
  • Use custom homepage care. (WordPress has this feature.)
  • The plugin loads and executes CSS, scripts on the homepage.
  • Do not apply advertisement on the home page.

9. Enable gZIP Compression

Enable WordPress to gzip compression. The size of the data that is transferred between your server and the user is very large and this often causes your site to slow down.

All you have to do is enable gZIP compression to repair it. This will compress the CSS and JavaScript file size of your site by up to 70%. To find out if gzip compression is enabled on your site, you can use the GZIP compression tool.

This reduces website loading time as the size of the file to be transferred is greatly reduced. Enable gZIP compression in WordPress Easy Hai.

 10.Add LazyLoad to Your Images

Make WordPress images lazy load. If your site uses a lot of pictures, then you can also improve the speed of the site by making the images lazy load.

It will happen that the content of your site will load first, its bad image will load and only the device display me image will load, the rest will be a bad load for scrolling.

BJ Lazy Load Plugin is a really cool plugin that speeds up a site by lazy loading your site image. This plugin makes the video lazy load along with the image.

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