Great Ways to Improve the Aesthetic of Your Business

Keeping your business as appealing as possible, from your website to your front door, takes a concentrated effort. Even if most of your client connections happen in their home, you want to present a tidy, pulled-together look. Consistency is key.

Clean First

Make sure that your front door is sparkling and tidy. That may be your website, your building, or yourself. Hire the team that does street sweeping in your area, for example, you can look for Street Sweeping in Fort Worth, TX to clean up in front of your building. Get a professional to take a look at your website and make sure it’s properly sized, easy to navigate, and up to date.

If you’re a freelancer promoting your own work, try to keep things simple. If you make and sell jewelry, wear basic black so your products can shine without competition. If you’re an IT consultant, make sure that your personal gear is well-cared for, updated, and in great shape when you head out to present to a prospective client.

Use Glass

Within your building, do what you can to get natural light as far into your space as possible. Use frosted glass dividers near the front door so clients coming in can see that folks are working but not what they’re working on. If possible, add a logo pattern to a section of clear glass at the receptionist area.

Do be aware that glass can cause sound to bounce around. If you have machinery that creates noise, try to partition those tools with something softer to soak up any chatter or motor noise.

Update Flooring

Take a look a the flooring in your workspace. Is the carpet in good shape, or is it showing wear? Consider putting down carpet squares instead of rolled goods as it will make it easier to address stains and general wear.

If you prefer to put down solid wood flooring, make sure that you get something that has a high traffic tolerance both for feet and for wheels. If you encourage professional dress in your facility, get a flooring that will tolerate heels as well. Finally, make sure whatever flooring you get can move or float a bit. Extreme temperature variations can cause floors to expand and compress; locking down a solid surface flooring too tightly will result in buckling and may create a tripping hazard.

Address Noise In Workstations

Noisy machinery will need a noise barrier, but what about noisy people? Carefully review your cubicle area. How do your employees communicate? Is it easy for them to have a conversation without disturbing everyone in that area? If not, you may need to increase your access to conference rooms or change out your cubicle walls.

The taller the cubicle walls, the greater the sense of privacy. More privacy means more focus, which can greatly increase productivity. If you can’t go taller, consider investing in noise-canceling headphones for staff that struggles with focus or has noisy neighbors; some voices just carry further, so offer these headphones on an as-needed basis.

Create a Foil for Your Logo

Take a look at your logo and determine the boldest color. Create a foil wall near the front door and paint or paper the wall in a shade that will make that bold tone stand out. For example, if your boldest shade is blue, an accent wall in the orange or yellow spectrum will be a terrific location for your logo. Even if you have a sign with a white background that features your logo, this foil wall will boost the colors of your logo and make it more visible.

Having a foil for your logo can easily transfer. Of course, once you find the ideal background color, you may find that employees are not terribly excited to be assigned an orange tee shirt or hat. However, you can still go with white or black and a boost of the foil color somewhere else on your promotional gear. Keep these colors in mind when you volunteer in the community as well.

Taking the right steps to promote your business can be as easy as getting the sidewalk cleaned, sweeping the street, or changing out your flooring. Stay consistent with your business goals and make the investment in the front door of your facility.

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