how to trim a boat

A fun day of boating can be enjoyed with a slow, leisurely cruise, but there is joy in going fast across a body of water. When planning your trip over the waves, look for ways to make life a bit easier for your boat and your motor.

Avoid Taking On Too Much Weight

Boats often have lots of nooks and crannies where you can store things, but these spots can also lead to far too much weight for efficient movement. Declutter before you sail by going through every storage compartment and only putting back what is necessary. Heavier items, such as an extra propeller should live at the back of the boat.

Now review the extras that we love to pile on. Get the smallest cooler that you will need for the day and try to load it with lighter-weight materials. For example, beverages in aluminum cans weigh less than beverages in glass bottles and one bottle of sunscreen will probably be enough.

If your boat is equipped to carry water or has holding tanks, drain them to reduce weight. You may even want to only bring as much fuel as necessary so you can reduce weight further.

Use the Right Parts

Modifying an engine for a bit more MPH may seem like a good idea, but the risks outweigh the benefits. Your modifications can also limit the reliability of your engine and may damage your warranty options. Getting stranded with an overly modified engine is just as dangerous as getting stranded with a poorly maintained engine. Instead, reduce the power your engine has to produce to move the weight of your boat.

Use the proper Yamaha outboard parts to keep your engine running smoothly now and into the future.

Watch Drag

The more of your boat that is in the water will increase drag, which is why reducing the weight you carry will make your boat faster. Take care when trimming your boat to keep it as level as possible once you’re moving.

A boat moving at high speed skims across the water rather than plowing through it. To start this process efficiently, it’s best to be in negative trim when starting out cold. The power of the propeller will lift the back of the boat, and physics will lower the nose of the boat, helping to lift the boat to the skimming state more quickly.

If you take off with the boat in neutral or positive trim, the power of the propeller will dig a trough behind you. The force of the water will push against the bottom of the boat and thrust the nose or bow up into the air. You will eventually get to skim, but it will take more fuel and a lot of power to level out.

Once you’re moving, you can adjust to more positive trim and raise the nose of the boat a bit. Take care not to over trim; you can actually raise the motor high enough that it loses “grab” or enough contact with the water to act on the motion. If you’re slowing down for no reason, check your trim.

Change Out the Propeller

It’s important to note that changing out the propeller is something that should be done by a professional. Each engine manufacturer has a range of RPM effectiveness that can be improved by a propeller change, but this can be an expensive choice and may not give you the results you want. To avoid a pricey mistake for little benefit, discuss the change with a propeller professional.

That being said, the propeller material can make a big difference in the efficiency and speed of your boat. While aluminum props are generally standard, a stainless steel prop will

  • flex less
  • weigh less
  • reduce drag
  • produce more consistent power in acceleration

Once you have your new prop, you may have to take yourself back to trim school. The engine-to-prop process will be more efficient, so your time in negative trim may be less with your new propeller. Luckily, these lessons can be a lot of fun!

Making modifications to your boat’s motor is generally not recommended; there is a lot riding on your getting back to shore safely. However, there are upgrades that can help. So can cleaning out all your cubbies. Happy boating!

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