What is the importance of Packaging in Brand Awareness?

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We humans have always been searching for ways that would be effective in storing food, beverages and other things. If we dive into the history of packaging we will find a lot of things that were being used as a storage medium like clay pots, leaves, bark of trees, animal hide, glassware’s etc for many years. 

This continued for many years to come by. Slowly it evolved to the modern packaging that we know, to begin with in the 1800s when the first commercial box was invented in England and after several years in the early days of manufacturing, packaging was invented to keep our products safe from external factors. The first company to use a cardboard box for packing food was Kellogg, this marked the new era of food packing.

Now-a-days, we are surrounded by different kinds of product packaging, in the old days its only purpose was to protect the items inside it but now, it has become an important part of several marketing components like marketing, advertising etc. here we will talk about the importance of packaging in brand awareness. 

What is the significance of packaging in brand awareness?

“Good packaging protects your products while great packaging protects your brand.”

  • Steve Jobs

When the former CEO of google says such high words about packaging then it definitely holds a significance in creating brand awareness. The packaging was invented to cater the need to protect the products and parcels but now it has more purposes besides keeping the products safe. 

When we talk about brand awareness, we mean the brand image that a customer has in their mind when they hear about the brand’s name. Why is this such an important thing? Well it is because brand awareness is indirectly linked to sales which are responsible for business to keep running. Sales is the blood for a business. But how is it linked to sales? 

To answer this question, you can ask yourself if you would buy anything from a brand you have never heard the name of? Most of the people will say no and this is how we get our answer. Another perspective would be that if a brand has negative reviews among people, it will be impossible to keep the sales up. This is the reason to create a positive brand awareness. 

But how are we going to do this? This is where Product packaging comes in frame. Product packaging stands for the custom packaging of your products that is made according to your brand and your preferences. It can be made from scratch, you may design it however you like. There are lots of things that can make product packing striking. It could be the use of bold colours, unique shapes, quirky designs and many more. There are many things that can be customized like a custom printed tape or custom corrugated boxes. 

In the next section, we will talk about how product packaging can help us with brand awareness.

How packaging can help in brand awareness?  

“Packing can be theater and it can create a story.”

  • Steve Jobs

In the previous section we have talked about the significance of packaging in branding. In this part, we will talk about how packaging can help in brand awareness. After reading that now, you have an idea about how important packaging is for brand awareness. We will talk about the different aspects through which we can explain to you how packaging will help in improving brand awareness. We have written some of the aspects in this list down below : 

  • Unboxing experience – Why are we talking about unboxing experience? Not just because it is extremely popular on YouTube, but also it is a great way to build connections between your brand and your customer. When a customer is opening our package, it is important to create excitement and hype that lives up to expectation. A good unboxing experience with little touches like personalized cards or hand written notes will make your customer feel like they are valued. 
  • Safe and sound – Besides the other functions, custom packaging like a custom packing tape or printed cardboard box. Their main purpose is to protect the product along with securing them for transit and to bring brand awareness. 
  • Be you, be unique – The most important feature of product packaging is to show what the brand is all about. It is the key feature of a successful product. A product packaging will be the way through which its beliefs and dreams are expressed. When your brand’s beliefs are in sync with the target audience. When our target audience feels like they are our valued customer, they will become our trusted customers.
  • Tell people about your brand story- A packaging must create a story that will resonate within the audience. A brand story is an important factor in a competitive market with several competitors that have similar products or services. If everything that you are offering to the customer has the same kind of products then, brand story is the way to stand out from the competition. When we talk to people as a friend who is telling us a story which is addressing a problem and a solution which is being provided by your brand. 

Packaging is the way through which we can tell our brand story without worrying about anything. 

  • Silent salesperson – This is one the most important reasons to focus on product packaging. If our product packaging is attractive, bold and attention grabbing then we can say that the right packaging will sell off itself. The right kind of product packaging will have a brand story, beliefs, and everything that your brand represents then it will talk to your customer without worrying about the presence of a salesperson 24×7. 

In the end 

In this article we have talked about the importance of packaging in brand awareness. In which we have discussed the Significance of packaging in brand awareness as well as how packaging can help in increasing brand awareness. In between the two topics we have tried to explain a little about brand awareness as well.