The Importance of Playgrounds in Children’s Lives

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With people becoming more and more distant every day, we need to preserve some elementary ways of maintaining socialization of all ages. One of the best ways to socialize from an early age is with well-made playgrounds. This is why we will talk about some of the most important reasons why playgrounds are essential for the life of every child.

They Help Children Develop Emotionally

  We don’t usually think about it, but playtime can help children develop emotionally. It can boost their communication skills, their ability to cooperate with other children modestly, how to deal with anger, and other important traits for their development. Even when playing alone, a child can learn persistence, improve creativity, and become more independent of others in order to entertain themselves and achieve their own goal.

 In a playground, you won’t have everything go your way. Maybe all of the seesaws are taken; maybe another child wants to play with their closest friend and not you. Being in a playground will expose a child to a wide array of emotions, from happiness to anger. Taking this in mind, playgrounds and the effects they (and their equipment) have will have different effects on different stimuli. 

They Help Children Develop Socially

    If the kid is an only child, playing on the playground will help them get over the loneliness they might feel from an early age. They allow kids to become more socially interactive and develop key skills needed for the development of every person. Playgrounds, if constructed near a school, serve as a social amplifier for children, as it allows them to immediately have a place to go and play together in. It also allows them to meet new kids from other classes whom they did not know before. Opting for more abstract equipment that fully depends on the imagination of the children could be a risk, as some kids might see it as uninteresting or not alluring enough.

They Provide Children With a Fun Way of Doing Physical Activities

    Child obesity is fairly present in Australia. In 2017. research has shown that 1 in 4 Australian children and adolescents aged 2–17 were overweight or obese. This is a large problem, and 1 way of fighting it is by stimulating kids to be more proactive from an early age. Having your playground be fit for all kinds of inclusive and fun games and sports will have a more positive effect on the kids in that specific part of town. Banning video games and TV isn’t a great long-term solution, and it will only lead to your children being angry and feeling contempt for you. Instead, a local community that has excellent playgrounds will be known throughout and gain attraction easily. Children are not fools, they might be able to play with minimal playthings, but they will also greatly appreciate high-quality playfields and invite all their friends to them as well.

They Sharpen the Senses

    Running around the field is fun, but a child will be way more stimulated to do engaging, fun activities if they have equipment that allows them to do so. Having a wide array of equipment can give a child the impression of being in a wonderland filled with infinite possibilities. The more different situations they find themselves in with different equipment means they will improve some other sense or motor skills. This means that an ideal playground should have multiple types of equipment that all boost separate senses. Just to give you a few examples:

• Swings primarily develop the vestibular system

• Seesaws develop communication and cooperation skills

• Climbing obstacles develop the proprioceptive systems

• The tactile system is stimulated and developed by interacting with many different objects in a regular park environment 

    The variety of senses and skills playgrounds can develop reliant on the playground equipment supplier and how much different equipment they can implement.

Developing a playground in order to have as many natural objects and equipment that stimulates different senses will not only lead to better development of the children, but it will also be more pleasing aesthetic-wise and could even be pulled-off as an attraction for a district. 

They Can Provide an Early Boost to Self-Esteem

Good playgrounds have equipment that offers different degrees of difficulty. This is more important than it might seem at first. It allows children to go that one step further and try to conquer the unknown. It stimulates them to try different things and improve their own skills and self-confidence. There is no better feeling than when you accomplish something you previously thought you couldn’t, so you had to work hard to make it happen, it fills a kid (and an adult) with utter joy to accomplish this. However, it is important to still have a backup plan to fall back onto. If the playground lacks easier equipment or games, it will have a counter-effect, as kids will not want to go to that playground that has only the hard games that only 20% of the kids can do. There is no fun there if most of their friends can’t play with them.