iPhone 12 pro max screen protector

If you want to protect the information from wandering eyes then iPhone 12 pro max privacy screen protector is a great option. With this, you can keep your screen private and have the access to confidential information. The screen protector will ensure that your screen is only for you whether you are using social media, checking emails, banking, and watching videos. You can have your privacy at home, work, or wherever you go. The screen protector will offer a clear view from straight on and an obstructed view on either side for wandering eyes.

It has a strong impact and scratch protection and perfect touch sensitivity. Installing an iPhone 12 pro max privacy screen protector is not difficult if you follow a step-by-step installation guide. The screen protector is face ID compatible and full coverage screen edge-to-edge tempered glass. It protects your phone from scratches, dust, and damage and it is smooth to the touch with outstanding clarity. If you want to save the screen of your iPhone then a screen protector is trendy and important. The screen damage can hinders usability and interaction and it can be unpleasant to use the screen with scratches and a crack running along the side or broken glass. 

Reasons to choose iPhone 12 pro max and 13 pro max privacy screen protector

·  Easy to apply 

The screen protector is very easy to apply, attaches to the screen smoothly, is fingerprint-free, and is hassle-free. For a quick and hassle-free installation follow simple instructions. 

·  High response sensitivity

The iPhone 13 pro max privacy screen protector keeps a high touch sensitivity. The tempered glass fully adheres to the screen and makes no loss in sensitivity. While using the phone you get more efficiency.

·  High privacy

The screen protector will keep the touchscreen accurate and keep away your personal information from the eyes of people around you.  

·   Hardness

A high hardness level provides full protection against accidental drops and scratches. 

Features of iPhone privacy screen protector

· From contact with hard metal objects the iPhone 12 pro max privacy screen protector provides superb surface-level protection. It will protect the screen from impact, scratches, scuffs, and grease. 

· It will reduce the blue light exposure and provide excellent optical clarity with a crystal clear image.

· It will not leave any residue behind when removed because iPhone 12 pro max privacy screen protector is a premium film-based screen protector.

· The advanced silicone does not trap any air bubbles. 

· The glossy glass-like surface finish is similar to the surface of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max screen.

· Make your fingers glide smoothly when swiping and typing due to seamless touchscreen interaction. 


 If you want to preserve the value of the iPhone 12 pro max then choose the best quality screen protector. The smartphone will start showing scuffs and scratches without a screen protector. The screen protector will preserve the grease and oil of the screen and also protect the screen’s casual scratches. Avoid touching broken fragments of glass as it may pose a health risk. If you are searching for the best quality screen protector for iPhone 12 pro max and iPhone 13 pro max then must visit gravgoods. Here you will get a screen protector that is made of optimal films that are durable and do not shatter. Multi-national organizations, government and military agencies, and educational and healthcare establishments use the privacy screen protector.

By Anurag Rathod

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