degree certificate attestation for UAE

A way to demonstrate the validity of your degree certificate is through attestation. To pursue employment or education in the UAE, you must complete the attestation service. The UAE is a nation that values your document and regards it as valid when it has an attestation stamp on the reverse. Due to the differences in international ties between nations, educational document attestation in UAE varies from one country to another. 


An authorized person, group, or organization attests to a document’s legitimacy by signing or stamping it. While some attestations confirm the veracity of the information contained in a document, others confirm the veracity of the signatures that are present on the document. The Ministry of Education, for instance, certifies university degrees. The Ministry of Education guarantees the legitimacy of the degree by placing its mark on it. To ensure the validity of all the paperwork, you must provide certified documents if you want to work abroad. Visa requests that aren’t accompanied by certified documentation may be rejected by a country.


The educational documents must have their authenticity verified in order to be accepted for study in the UAE or any other nation. This is a procedure to confirm the validity of the certificate. The only way to verify the authenticity of the degree certificate attestation in UAE is through the required process. Trouble could arise from a fake certificate for both the recipient and the issuing agency. Before a degree or diploma holder can relocate to another nation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must certify all diplomas and degree certificates in the UAE. All students, even those who are already citizens of the UAE, are required by the UAE Ministry of Education to have all of their academic credentials certified, either by the UAE Embassy or the Ministry itself. This benefits both the government and the students by saving time and money.


Secures You As A Foreigner

Securing your status as a foreigner requires that you travel to a foreign country with all the authenticated documents and other necessary paperwork requested by the governing body of that country. The embassy of your country in that nation will be in charge of and entirely safeguard you. You won’t be accused of using any unlawful entrance methods, and you can always get in touch with the embassy without issue in an emergency. However, you won’t be allowed to use all these amenities if you enter any country without the necessary paperwork or attested documents. You can always hire a reputable attestation agency in the UAE for the same purpose if you feel that you are unable to carry out the procedure of attestation and legalization of the papers.

Protection Against Fraud

Attestation of educational certificates guards against document forgery. The forgery of documents has grown significantly in importance recently on a global scale. The reputation and financial security of people and organizations can be jeopardized by fake educational credentials. Attesting your educational certificates ensures the validity of your credentials and safeguards you against document fraud. It’s crucial to pick a trustworthy company to help you with the attestation of your academic credentials.

Ease Of Obtaining Residence And Facilities

Once you have successfully attested your documents in the UAE and secured a visa from the consulate, you will be able to use all services available to foreigners, including housing, education, and other necessities. 

Recognizes You At the National And International Level

After completing the document attestation, you will be acknowledged as a national of the UAE on a national and international level. Now you may easily meet all of the reasons for which the attestation was necessary, and you can always contact the embassy for assistance.

Requirement For Employment And Studying Abroad

For employment, higher education, or immigration, several nations demand the verification of educational certificates. In order to be sure that an applicant has the knowledge and abilities necessary to do the job or seek further study, employers or universities must verify the legitimacy of educational documents. Attestation of educational certificates serves as evidence that the applicant’s educational records are real and unaltered.


  • The process for attestation of degree certificates in the UAE begins at the notary’s office. The notary receives the documents and attests to them. This is referred to as the Notary Department Function.
  • After that, the Home Department, also known as the Home Department Function, receives the authenticated documents.
  • After being checked and attested, the documents are sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for further attestation.
  • All university and educational-related documents supplied by the MEA are attested to and verified by the HRD Ministry.
  • Following this, the documents are submitted for Mantralaya Attestation, External Affair Attestation, and Embassy Attestation.
  • The MEA will then provide the paperwork to the UAE Embassy for the final attestation.
  • After MOFA has reviewed the documents and the UAE Embassy has validated them, the educational certificate attestation for the UAE will be issued.
  • The attestation must be completed in the nation where you intend to study under the name MOFA, which stands for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This is how the protracted official process of obtaining a  degree certificate attestation for UAE is carried out. The entire procedure is very sophisticated and can be hampered even by a small mistake made at any point. Then you must retrace your steps to step zero. Therefore, if you wish to study in the UAE, you must select a reputable and knowledgeable source to have your diplomas and other educational documents authenticated.