The Importance Of Data Integration In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Most companies have already done away from the mindset of having separate sales funnels and marketing. Now, data integration for digital marketing has lately been gaining popularity.

Rather than separating the two processes, they have turned to a single pipeline, one where marketing and sales work hand-in-hand to continuously engage prospects as they move on the buyer’s journey.

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But how does integrating data help with digital marketing? Have a look at below mentioned points:

Customer Data Integration: What Does It Mean?

CDI, short for Customer Data Integration, is a crucial part of achieving the 360-degree picture ofyour customer. It is the process of obtaining, organizing and producing business and customer data to identify the bigger trends and create a more complete image of your customers.

The data about your prospective and existing customers can come from every part of your business. Viewership data, sales data, website data, social listening data, customer service data, and more data resources each show you a specific part of your customers’ experiences.

Only by integrating the data from multiple data sources can you start getting a single view of your customers, which in turn helps you have better decision making.

The Important of Data Integration in Digital Marketing Functions

If you’re a marketer, then you need to realize that data integration can actually represent the core of all your digital marketing activities. In order to drive marketing campaigns, you have to gather data from different sources, whether they are from cloud servers, social media channels, CRM frameworks, ERP arrangements, or even from an Excel document on your partner’s workstation.

It is common for marketing departments to use bout 50unqiue technologies in order to consistently monitor their customers’ activities as well as their buying journey. In terms of data integration, marketers will need to manage info and data placed in siloed servers— every now and then in different areas around the world, in various formats. However, with data integration, marketers can get this crucial data from one place.

Why Data Integration For Digital Marketing?

Data is a valuable asset for any business. However, in order to utilize the value of these data, digital marketers need to have a unified customer view that indicated aggregating these data silos. Here’s how data integration can prove useful in digital marketing:

1.Improved Decision Making

Access to ongoing data offered in a simple process configuration can help enhance your decision making and intuitions as a marketer. It helps you be more proactive and allow you to distinguish any potential problems before they even happen, so you can find a good solution.

2.Streamlined Tasks

Starting from procurement and the supply chain to management and assembling, continuous access is important for improving procedures, increasing total productivity and bringing down unnecessary expenses across various departments including productions, sales, and distributions.

3.Improved Customer Experience

A siloed data prevent a total perspective on your customers that hinder sales and directly impactsyour revenue. However, with data integration, you can focus on your clients with the right message at the perfect time to improve customer’s experience, dependability, and sales.

4.Improved Efficiency

When you always move between various frameworks just to obtain data and knowledge, then your profitability also decreases. However, with data integration, all the data from different sources are pooled into one view, improving your productivity and efficiency as a whole.

5.Prepared for the future

By combining historical data with pipeline data, you can make forecasts or foresee your customers’ requests. This should help you in assessing your services and products while enhancing your business to stand up on the crowd and stay ahead of the competition.

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