Modern World Education and its Impact on Job Attainment

Modern World Education

Degrees are an important part of an educational career! The degrees provide the proof and validation that a certain person has studied this course and have the following skills. But does the degree is only meant for getting the job? The education system is getting weaker; students usually hire someone to take my online class to get the degree.

Does having degree provide you the job?

Students have started considering education as a source of getting a job.  They did not understand the importance of learning and growing with education. The education is important to reach everyone but now the students only study to pass the examination and get the certificates and degrees. The degrees cannot define the worth of a person alone, without skills.  

There are certain factors that employers mostly assess during hiring process and may be following these get you the dream job. The traits are 

Do you have the personality to fit for job?

The education must be shown and spread through behavior, most of the students are degree holders from top-notch universities but sadly their behavior is very disrespectful and unethical. Personality grooming occurs with the evolvement of education if a person in true meaning understands the importance of education and its impact on the development of personal behavior and ethics. 

Are you applying with right qualification? 

The degree is important, it completes the requirements of education a person must have for the attainment of a job and certain position in a company. The degree assures that person is eligible for the job post but the skills of a person make him/her pass the interview and physical test. Degree differentiates a person in the field as a professional and worker.

Cam you communicate Properly?

The skills are important for an educated person. The consideration of skills sometimes gets distracted with the technical skills but in actuality meaning the soft skills like communication and managing are very important. The degree will not make a person manage a group or team; or perform accounting systematically; it is possible with the availability of professional skills through proper learning (University of Law, n.d).

What is your specialty, why should employer hire you among other? 

The degree paves the way for the job, but this should be considered that for a single post there can be hundreds of people having the same degrees and most probably relatively matching results. The differentiation is required for the selection as several selected is mostly two or three out of hundreds for that differentiation comes through showing some extra potential.

Your degree will not help you to perform tasks your knowledge will!

In the modern world, the education system has become weak. The process has been modified in such a way that students do not actually understand what they have read. People have started using facilities like hiring someone to take their online class. Instead of working hard the students are using the online tool and solutions for solving real life complex problems.

What have you learned from your degree course?

Learning has become a secondary thing for students these days. The students are more towards passing the exams by hook or by nook. The student did not value the importance of learning. In actual meaning, education is a source of learning. The learning is important for gaining extra potential that helps in standing out among other educated people around (University of Oxford, 2021).

How did you graduate?

Students are achieving degrees but they lack education and knowledge. The improper understanding of concept and knowledge makes the employer as a question “how did you graduate? Your words must support that you are graduated and clearly understand the theory of your subjects, and this comes only with learning. The students de-value the importance of learning and resultantly lose opportunity.

Degree and learning go side by side

The degrees are important for getting the job but when it comes to play the lead role many graduates lack professional. The importance of skills, learning and education knowledge must not be neglected. Following the pattern and gaining skills can only make you achieve the dream job. Shortcuts are effective but on longer run they lack to persist the resistance. 

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