The Impact Of Covid-19 On Schools Worldwide

impact of covid19 on schools

The spread of the coronavirus led countries all over the world into a downward spiral. Wealthy and third world countries alike were equally levelled down as it not just took countless lives but brought every sector necessary to run the engines of any nation to a halt. The world around us came to a screeching stop as schools, colleges and universities were shut down haphazardly, industries and markets were closed effecting the livelihoods of countless people and every human on the planet found themselves prisoners in their own homes.

The pandemic has left governments with no choice but to close up public spaces like offices, schools, colleges and more as without any vaccine discovered yet, social distancing seems to be the only solution to survive this unseen enemy. It ensures that people’s interactions are limited when they stay in quarantine and the spread of the virus is not as rapid helping the healthcare department to deal with the serious cases of the pandemic.

Alternative Learning Options

The closing of all levels of educational institutes was a blow to students and schools. Terms were ending and new classes were about to start and everything was thrown into chaos with the abrupt and complete closure. However, once the initial panic subsided it was time to implement alternative strategies which were not that hard to find thanks to media and technology.

Online learning was automatically seen as the best replacement of real life classes. Schools, colleges and universities found it convenient to continue on with the academic year through internet platforms. The usage of online tools such as Zoom and other group video apps became common ways of communicating between students and instructors.

Distance learning also enabled many higher level students to continue or take on new courses. Although there is no real instructor on the other end in this case but the students have access to course material to study and learn at their own pace. It proves to be very effective for students who have applied to universities in another state or even country as in this pandemic it is impossible to travel that far.

Online Academic Services

In the wake of the onslaught of the pandemic and the interruption of regular education, online academic services are a great solution for students who found themselves bereft of knowledge and stuck inside their homes. Free or very affordable online courses and academic writing services are providing stress-free opportunities for students to learn. For pupils who are at a loss on how to do their assigned tasks services like assignment help London provide quality assignments and essays which allows them to pass their online courses with top grades.

The Negative Impact On Schools So Far

1. Problems for students and the staff

University and school staff have to quickly learn ways of converting their classes to online learning platforms and students and teachers alike need to adapt to remote communication and learning.

Although technology already played a prominent role in educational institutes, these new circumstances forced an overnight complete dependency upon online portals and communication devices. A lot of people found themselves struggling to cope with any technological issues or had difficulties in understanding the process.   

2. Delays

Examinations, standardized tests and admissions to schools were delayed globally. In most countries tests and exams were delayed while others are opting to extend the academic year due to delays and a large number of missed school days.

Semesters, classes and essay writing were also facing delay as teachers and staff got used to the new style of online education and were attempting to mold the traditional style of teaching to a virtual one. They needed to learn in a hurry how to use online learning tools, convert learning and reference material to online platforms and tailor lectures and discussion based lessons to classes on the internet.

3. Issues for poor families

Many families experiencing poor financial conditions faced problems not only because they were left unemployed but also because their children had no way to acquire an education. There are many public schools who also offer childcare and food to their students and so with their cancellation the parents were left helpless to deal with the situation.

Online education was not possible for children coming from these backgrounds as they do not have access to internet or computers at home. Without the appropriate technology students were unable to take benefit of any alternatives whether online or distance learning and are forced to bring a halt to their education until the arrangement of any other viable solution.

The Silver Lining

All is not lost though as this huge shift in the world has also forced humanity to come up with new opportunities despite the uncountable challenges of the pandemic crisis. As far as education is concerned with the rise of online and distance learning many schools, colleges and universities are offering affordable courses and programs for the convenience of students.

Higher level students who have things like jobs and taking care of a family member to deal have found a blessing in disguise on the form of distance learning. They can easily study through the hours that are convenient for them and there is no pressure which makes the learning experience more enjoyable and effective. Students coming from all sorts of background now have an opportunity to study if they just have an internet connection and an electronic device.

The Verdict

Although effected severely by the Covid-19, educational institutes of both lower and high level have managed to bounce back in the game of successfully delivering knowledge to their students. As the mechanics became more familiar, schools and colleges are also taking exams and quizzes online and so the pupils are able to finish their academic year without interruption or wasting it entirely. There are admittedly families who are facing challenges in this new scenario but if everyone agrees on doing their part of taking preventive measures necessary to stop the virus, the continuation of regular modes of education can be done sooner.

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