IELTS Your Gateway to Foreign Education in 2023

IELTS Your Gateway to Foreign Education

Dreaming of STUDY ABROAD is not a new thing around the world, students aspire to have global recognition and a reputed educational history in their kitty bag, and for attaining that dream career prospect for themselves students are bound to prepare themselves for certain eligibility criteria to embrace the global learning scenario for themselves.

Attaining an international platform boosts the career opportunities for the new aspirants, and when candidates set their heart on some majoritarian countries in the current times of 2023, candidates need to attribute their journey under the qualified status of certain examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

As, one of the pioneers of the four attributed skills that are Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking. It is the examination that was founded in 1989, and since that time log it counties to set the testing the caliber of so many aspirants who are wishing to sculpt their future in the most trusted deemed universities with global recognition of the world.  


                                                    EXAM PATTERN
LISTENING: 40 questions ( approx 30 minutes+ 10 minutes of transfer time)READING: 40 questions  ( 60 minutes)
WRITING: 2 tasks ( 60 minutes within the written exam)SPEAKING: 11-14 minutes
FULL FORM: International English Language TestMODE OF EXAMINATION: Computer Based Assessment
IELTS FEES: 15,500 fees for registrationSCORE RANGE: Score 1( lowest)                             Score 9 (highest)
IELTS EXAM POPULAR FOR: Study, Work & emigrate to English-speaking countries.CONDUCTED BY: IDP Education Pvt.

As seen the exam is a Language based exam that is a gateway to international education students or professionals take up this examination in various countries:

1) Australia

2) Canada

3) New Zealand

4) The United Kingdom

5) the USA 

And, many more countries where English is a majoritarian language.  

This exam is jointly owned by IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English.


Certainly, there are no particular mandates or eligibility criteria allocated by the IDP, which administers the IELTS in India. Anyone who aspires to pursue higher studies abroad or wants to lead a professional work experience abroad can attempt the IELTS IDP exam (both Academic and General Training).

This examination freed the candidates from the language barrier usually faced by many international aspirants in a new country after relocation. The English language is primarily the mode of communication in most countries.

So, certain eligibility/ guidelines need to be kept in mind before applying:

  • The main qualification for the IELTS test in India and across the globe is that students should not be less than 16 years of age.
  • Anyone aged 16 or above can take this examination, independent of their orientation, gender, or foundation.
  • Prioritize cases are probably made when schools are in need of IELTS scores for assurance purposes.
  • There is no maximum age for the candidates for making an attempt for this examination.


To have a good probability to do better in the IELTS exam, candidates need to prepare for this exam.  The following materials eliminate the hindrance for the students to start off the preparation and know what to expect in the English-language proficient exam.

  1. Take a practice test
  2. Understand the test format
  3. Be aware of the exam time constraints
  4. IELTS progress checks – official practice test
  5. Understand the band score
  6. Study and set goals


To initiate a full schedule to crack the examination with the best scores leads to great methodology to implement and a certain amount of dedication to removing the barrier of your dreams to attain a quality life on an international basis.

 Students or test takers make sure to be in sync with reading habits to grow their reading capacity, language fluency, and knowledge from that piece of information because candidates appreciated to have well-versed knowledge around the world. To be able to attain an ample amount of fluency in the IELTS General Reading Practice Test candidates can seek some material handy for their flawless preparation in achieving the highest score.  

So, many books to meet the preparation for IELTS Reading Practice candidates can seek there in the market. Likely, some of them are:

  • IELTS Academic 2023 by Career Launcher
  • IELTS Academic by Cambridge English
  • And, many best of the novels are suggested for leading a fruitful preparation.
  • Even, some English interviews are suggested.

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