Whether in front of a frosted freezer door at a grocery store or even at an ice-cream parlour, you’d probably find yourself asking; which flavour to choose? Of course, it can be anything from typical vanilla and chocolate to something seasonal specific and more sophisticated, making up your mind over an ice-cream can be difficult. What’s more fascinating is the fact that an ice-cream flavour can say a lot about a person which means your pick must be careful and unique. Let’s learn what your ice-cream flavour is communicating about you. 

  1. Vanilla

Beauty is in simplicity and as conventional a flavour as vanilla, only highly creative and pure minds would find true exquisiteness in this classic flavour. To all those who pick vanilla appreciate quality while being minimalist. These aren’t anxious or stressed while trying to find balance, peace and solitude in everyday life.

  1. Chocolate

Closely following in the footsteps and the likes of vanilla is chocolate and it’s said that people who have a craving for chocolate are self-confident and live a joyful life. They’ve strong opinion and grasp on things, lead a life full of adventure, explore new ideas and seek creativity between comfort and intense. If this is you, then for once try out some creative flavours and mash-ups from The Cheesecake Factory starting this summer! I personally buy the ice cream rolls near me

  1. Strawberry

Fierce, loyal and energetic; those who love strawberry are often considered highly creative and probably one of those who’ve had the most of their childhood. From strawberry ice-creams to shakes, cakes, syrups, jams and jellies, these people are sure to have their strawberries every time with everything. They’re morning people, love to keep pets and always stay fit, no matter how much ice-cream they would eat over the weekend. I personally love thai rolled ice cream in strawberry flavor. 

  1. Coffee

Possibly an introvert, people who love coffee are very keen with their professional, are deeply involved with work and always like to stay on edge of everything. If coffee is your favourite ice-cream flavour, you’re one of those individuals who love by being themselves, are highly creative when working solo and maybe willing to have a conversation with a friend on a peaceful night.

  1. Cookie Dough

Resourceful, crafty and love stacking DIY on their Pinterest, cookie dough ice-cream lovers usually like to have their ice-cream at authentic parlours like the one in Toronto namely Roll-Me-Up. Mightn’t be the most popular in the group but these people always see extraordinary in the ordinary, like playing sports, find optimism even in the most challenging situations and loved by everyone.

  1. Cookies-and-Cream

You take life easy, have a passion to learn and a creative sense of humour. Cookies-and-cream flavoured ice-cream lovers have a charming personality, are very organised yet always rebel against the trends in order to improvise or invent something entirely innovative.

  1. Mango Madness

Mango season is just round the corner which is the best time to try out Mango Madness. As for those who love mango flavoured ice-creams have a cool and calm personality while at times may get very serious, especially when things get tough.

Your Favourite Ice-Cream, Your Personality

It’s obvious you’re already craving for your favourite ice-cream! Try to find your personality from the different flavours listed above.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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