Why Is There An Increasing Trend For Hyper Casual Game Development

Hyper Casual Game Development
Hyper Casual Game Development

Hyper casual games have taken the gaming market by storm because of its ability to demonstrate competitive advantage with elegant simplicity. Year 2019 witnessed the unbeatable rise of this genre. As per Sensor Tower, there were 2.1 billion installs of the 20 most downloaded games. Out of this, 77.6 percent turned out to be hyper casual gaming content. The rising popularity of games from this genre showed an upward trend even during the 2020 pandemic. Worldwide the number of installations became more than doubled-103 percent. With this the number of gaming also went up considerably. For example, there were more than 1 billion sessions in December 2019 and compared to this in March 2020 the sessions went up by another 72 percent. 

As hyper casual games are trending these days, competition is tough here. To stand out in this market you need to be innovative and dynamic. Hyper casual game development is prospective and hence can generate a lot of income for you. To keep pace with the rising demands for mobile games, makers of the hyper casual gaming content focus on simple mechanics and addictive gameplays. Before getting into the details of this discussion, let us first understand what hyper casual games are.

Defining hyper casual games

One expression which defines hyper casual games best is-Play when you want and as much as you wish to. Games of this genre are characterised by native mechanics, addictive gameplays, varied art and minimalist design.The short and instant gaming sessions have made this category immensely popular among today’s players across the globe. The average duration of hyper casual games ange between 3 to 6 minutes. Games which are hyper casual are free from the hassle of logging in, creating players’ identities or doing any sort of registration. In fact you can just click the Play button and start completing your game levels via accomplishing the objectives. 

In addition to these, to make your games innovative and dynamic, the pace can be increased or decreased, more obstacles can be added or even the time taken to complete one level can be shortened. Thus increasing attraction and improving retention is possible by making hyper casual gameplays exclusive and desirable. 

Characteristics of hyper casual games

Although hyper casual game development is not new but definitely there are certain parameters which have resulted in making this popular and successful. 

Instant access for content:

No lengthy tutorials, preloading, level selection, plot inserts. Owing to simple gameplays and absence of overloaded details can enable you to find out what all are happening within a few seconds. The main condition lies in the fact that the players should get started with the actual gaming within 5 seconds after clicking. The short game loop enables the gaming enthusiasts to experience their favourite content with smoothness and in an uninterrupted manner. 

Enhanced attention:

As hyper casual games are short, players hardly get time to doze off or think and strategize in meeting the objectives. Players need to be attentive in accomplishing the desired motive and should not get influenced by any external factors. Once the players lose concentration or focus, it will instantly get reflected in the performance. At the end of the play loop the players can relax based upon their in game achievement. 

Repeatability and replayability:

The key to success is infinity. Hyper casual games are all about sustaining the interests of the players till a particular point. Games of this section do not have any endpoints as such. This implies  that the gaming enthusiasts can begin playing during any time and can also challenge records to improve their points and time span. As games should not get boring, there has to be some fun elements to ndulge the players in craving for more. To come up with tailor made solutions for this category of games, you can avail mobile game development services based on the nature and scope of the projects. 

Simple model to monetize:

In fact the players of hyper casual games do not have to pay anything for the content. Instead they pay for the time invested. For example, this genre of games earn more than 70 percent from video ads, banners, rewarded ads etc. 

Design features for hyper casual games

Attractive but minimalistic designs are the hallmark of hyper casual games. To engage the users further, fast and progressive gaming contents are being offered to encourage the players for in depth exploration and endless excitement. In addition to all these, games which are hyper casual come up with eye pleasing designs, amazing geometry, fluid colour palette and ample white space between assets. Having said all, the main focus that should be considered is 5 seconds of time to convince your players that their game is unique and entertaining. 

Hope the above discussion is comprehensive enough to provide you an idea about the scope of making hyper casual games to stand out in the current competition. From eye soothing visuals to instant gameplays, from compelling concepts to varied objectives, games from this genre can meet the aspirations of today’s gaming enthusiasts. This can definitely boost your game development enterprise and can enable you to create trends and establish benchmarks. 


So what are your plans about creating hyper casual games? Apply the advanced tools and technologies like Unity to create diverse games and then deploying those across platforms and devices to serve a large number of players across the globe. Depending on the nature and scope of your gaming plots you can use the designing elements and the artworks to turn dreams into reality. 

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Mr Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies,an established brand popular for making games desirable and elegant. His expertise and love for technologies have enabled companies including startups gain recognition as ace developers. 

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