The Hype Is Right! Rise of Earth Friendly Clothing and Organic Cotton

earth friendly clothing

“Organic” is one of the most used terms that is widely being used from super markets to even fashion industries. Environmentalists encourage people to go for an organic lifestyle and it also includes earth friendly clothing. Organic cotton is the key element when we talk about natural clothing.

Several organic clothing brands have certified cotton to create clothing for you and this is what should be called a step in the right direction, a step towards sustainable fashions. As you might have guessed how cotton is one of the most important parts of creating clothes, it is the cost of growing cotton that isn’t just limited to financial only. Our earth, atmosphere, and water resources have to suffer because of conventional ways of growing cotton as well.

If you want to preserve the beauty of the earth and pass it to the next generation then organic fashion should be part of your wardrobe. It would be a small contribution as an individual but just imagine how impactful would it be if hundreds and thousands would do the same. Here is why organic cotton is useful for all of us.

Organic cotton And a Better environment

The conventional way of growing cotton is one of the major reasons that is polluting the earth and its precious resources. However, technology has made it possible to grow cotton in the most organic way possible. Opting for organic cotton through eco apparel offers huge environmental benefits. There are several benefits of going for organic cotton over conventional clothing. 

One of the major features of organic cotton is that just like organic food, organic cotton doesn’t require any harsh pesticide or chemicals. This also means only a small amount of hazardous chemicals will be released into our atmosphere through waterways or air. Also, organic cotton for eco-friendly fabric requires less water compared to the conventional way of growing cotton. So there is more resource available for those who need them most.

Organic Cotton Is Useful For Field Laborers

When it comes to growing cotton in conventional ways then it will require the workers to get in touch with the harsh and dangerous chemicals that were used to protect them and that too without effective protection. This includes touching, breathing in that air, and even eating if such a crop is being grown alongside them. 

Not only just that, if the former is growing cotton even for eco-fashion on its own then they are in no way going to get enough funds for pesticides and get more profits for their hard work to compare to the GMO crops and pesticides. This results in them getting indebted to the financial institution for decades.

If this sounds unfair then this is. Farmers and workers have faced this situation too often which isn’t ideal. Not only they are putting their lives at risk but if they live long enough they will keep paying the banks. Promoting growing organic cotton will mostly require natural resources or no pesticides at all, and this is safer for farmers, the environment, and their families.

Furthermore, growing organic cotton will be used in creating eco friendly fashion that will earn them a good wage as well.

Organic Cotton Linked To Better Health

When it comes to eating then we all will avoid harsh chemicals as much as it is possible and if this is the case then you should put them on to your body too? This isn’t related to developing countries only because the chemicals used in farming have been deemed by World Health Organization as well because of being moderate o severely dangerous to our bodies and health. 

Instead of eco friendly clothing, if you go for conventional cotton then your body will directly be in touch with the harsh chemicals till you wear them and your body will have to face some serious consequences. And since cotton is being used in so many clothing items so your body will instantly be in touch with those chemicals. These is why you should invest in organic cotton fashion or simply opt for eco friendly clothing brands such as Neunomads.

Here you can find a wide range of green clothing items that will not only grace your wardrobe but will contribute to the sustainability of the environment as well.

Organic Cotton Equals to Slow Fashion

A brand that is dedicated to growing organic cotton will also be dedicated to improving the sustainability in society and daily aspect of life as well. Though this isn’t regulated in every country one can assume that when a brand is keen interested in growing organic cotton for their eco friendly clothing then the people working on it will be working in good condition and environments, earning a fair amount of profit by growing the organic cotton and both the worker and business will be working towards sustainable environments as well.

Say “No” To Conventional Cotton?

Well, organic cotton is undoubtedly is one of the crucial parts of creating eco friendly clothes. But you just cannot ditch the conventional cotton as a whole. Instead, buying products where both conventional and organic cotton is used and it comes with a certified fair share will give you peace of mind that you doing fair and filling the gap between the conventional cotton and organic cotton products.

What Organic Clothing Brands Can Do Regarding This?

Even though organic fashion clothing is doing at its finest but there are a few things that can improve their overall progress such as:

Stay Transparent

When it comes to guiding their customers about the details of their products then brands should be willing to provide without any hitch.

Protect their workers

The brands should work towards providing a fair wage and working hours so they can also live a good life

Reduce Their Impact on Environment 

The brands should actively promote and use the products that are produced with an eco-friendly product or at least being manufactured with the least harmful chemicals that will not heavily impact the environment.