Is Executive Certificate in HRM from XLRI and SHRM worthy?

Executive Certificate

Human resource is the most critical resource of any organization, and effective management of this resource is crucial to the success of the business. It is through the able guidance of the human resources that an organization can attain strategic goals and improve its performance. However, there is a significant need for proper management of this resource so that they can do their job effectively.

A management course in Human Resource is the best way of moving forward in this field. It not only teaches you the various functions of the Human Resource Department but also helps learn the skills needed to be an effective HR manager. If you are a fresher wanting to do a full-time course in the subject, then apply for a regular MBA, but if you are already working, then you can choose from any of the good online HR courses. Many reputed institutions have started offering this format giving participants the luxury to earn as they learn. XLRI HR course in collaboration with Society for Human Research Management (SHRM) is an ideal program for working professionals looking to step up in their career profile. Let’s find out all about this program.

Course Structure

In this six-month program, participants are taught about the role of human resource in the organization, its various functions, and the HR strategies used to fulfill organizational goals. It develops all the soft skills needed to be an effective HR manager including communications, leadership, delegation, and more. With the increasing use of technology in all aspects of business, even the human resource department has started using technological tools and techniques for analysis and HR measurement. The course equips participants with these latest tools and how they can be applied in the present setup. 


To apply for this program, you need to be a graduate or a diploma holder from a recognized university in any discipline with a minimum of four-year experience in the area of HR. International participants should have a graduation or equivalent degree in their respective country from any recognized University or Institution. They should also have a minimum of four years of work experience. Upon completion of the course, XLRI provides a Certification of completion.

Benefits of doing the course

This is one of the best courses in HR that working professionals in this field can undertake as it has two of the biggest names in the area of human resource collaborating to provide a customized program for interested candidates. XLRI, a premier institution in India renowned for its academic expertise in the field of management has joined hands with SHRM, the world’s largest HR membership organization that deals with human resource management.

The program involves Live lectures by XLRI HR faculty streamed online through the internet. Many industry experts offer practical insights into the subject matter explaining theoretical concepts using real-life and industry-related examples. SHRM employees who have detailed knowledge and years of experience in human resource also give lectures and update them with the global trends in HR.

The course content has been integrated with the SHRM Competency Model that equips students to apply for the SHRM certification that is conducted independently by SHRM, a global certification in Human Resource. Students also get to use preparatory materials of the SHRM SCP and CP certifications for it. So in effect, students can get two degrees while studying for a single program. This surely will add to their resume and hold them in good stead throughout.

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