What are the courses for HR?

hr courses

HR professionals are constant ups killing themselves because their role is focusing on people in the workforce and that itself has a changing demographic profile.  The individuals who form a part of the talent pool are becoming different and that needs an HR team which is also adaptable. The online hr courses for working professionals are specially to understand this requirement. As a result of that these online hr courses are gaining momentum and visibility because by undertaking the right course an HR practitioner can actually scale up to the next level of their career. But choosing the correct certification is important.


There are a range of online certifications and courses that by SHRM offers in India and globally. These are available for practitioners of all levels of work experience and are recognized as valuable additions to one’s career. They are also market-relevant and in certain countries some jobs need any of these certifications as a requisite for being hired. There are SPHR, PHR and so on, which are more comprehensive and individuals can undertaken at their pace. There are also other shorter-duration ones which might tend to focus only on specific topical areas.

ISTD ( and ASTD)

Indian Society of Training and Development as well as American Society offer excellent courses for HR professionals to acquire additional knowledge on. They keep upgrading their curriculum and add new sub-specializations each year. This allows HR practitioners to remain connected to their sphere of work from a future perspective. The courses are created in a way that they allow HR professionals to remain employable.

Consulting firms

There are many consulting firms such as Aon Hewitt Learning Center which allow the HR professionals to explore new-age courses such as those on HR Analytics, Diversity, HR technology and so on. These are present in their repository of courses and one can pursue any of them or even multiple courses at a time. There are niche ones like the compensation fundamentals by World at Work or even learning technology related ones by CIPD. Those can be taken up by HR professionals who specialize in those areas or want to make a sub-specialization in those.

Online MDPs from reputed academic institutions

There are special management development programs which possibly work like e-learning modules. These are very useful for HR practitioners to apply to and gain further knowledge from. The benefit of such courses is that they give you access to several thought leaders and experts via the online media and you can gain from those interactions. Your expertise in HR becomes more practical and future-centric due to the ideas and trends that these leaders share.  


Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS) has a range of course that attract HR practitioners. It is because they combine the ideas of behavior, psychology and how that reflects at the workplace. These are crucial elements to understand because they are the underlying drivers of core people processes like employee engagement, retention, recognition and so on.

The above details are just the tip of the iceberg. There are several courses for HR in various formats – classroom learning, social learning, virtual programs and even blended ones. Choosing the right course and format will depend on the content it covers, the investment it needs and the fitment of the course to the individual’s career aspirations.

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