HP Printer Supplier in Dubai: How you can increase the lifespan of your HP Printer


The longevity of your HP printer is determined by a variety of factors, including the model, your monthly print volume as well as how frequently it is used. Printer issues can be costly to your organization, especially if the machine is out of order and you need something printed right away. A few basic steps will help you avoid many common printer problems and extend the life of your equipment. As a leading HP printer supplier in Dubai, NPC can help you with timely maintenance contracts and provide you with a wide range of reliable and cost-effective printer for sale offers.

Here are some helpful hints for keeping your printer in good working order, as well as what to look out for to avoid potential issues.

Suggestions to help your HP Printer Last Longer:

Keep your Printer Clean and Clutter Free

Keeping your printer’s interior and exterior as clean as possible is one of the best things you can do to help it last longer. Leaving paper clips, staple pins and coffee mugs all over the printer can cause a lot of damage. Make sure the paper you print on does not have any staple pins left on it as these items can damage expensive parts such as the imaging unit and fuser unit. When you open your printer, look for any excess paper dust, staple pins or other debris and carefully wipe it away. This should take you less than five minutes.

Avoid Excessive Force when Removing Paper Jams

Although yanking a sheet of paper from a stuck printer may feel great, it may result in damaging the printer and causing future printing problems. When you get a paper jam, consult the instruction manual for your printer model and slowly try to pull out the paper with both hands. If the paper is stuck and you are unable to remove it with a low to moderate amount of force then give us a call and our service engineer will take care of it for you. This is to avoid damaging expensive spare parts and leaving small ripped bits of paper stuck inside the machine.

Opt for the Right and Original Ink/Toner Cartridges

You wouldn’t put watered-down gasoline in your car. The same may be said about cluttering up your printer with a low-quality ink/toner cartridge. For the best results, only use HP original ink/toner cartridges. 

  • To avoid drying out ink/toner cartridges, keep them wrapped in their original packing and store them in a cool place until you need them. Cartridges are capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures (around -5 to 35 degrees Celsius) but should never be kept in direct sunlight.
  • Additionally, Ink/Toner cartridges should not be kept directly under an A/C vent as a build up of moisture can damage the cartridges by causing the toner particles to stick together and harden into small “stones”.

Keep the Device Away from Heat and Cold

Printers should not be kept near strong sources of heat or cold such as A/C vents, radiators and other such appliances. Temperature differences between the office environment and the heat/cold source will cause moisture to build up inside your printer. This might cause circuit boards to malfunction, print quality will get affected and various spare parts will also be damaged. You will have recurring paper jams as well since moist papers will stick to each other and will not be properly picked up by the printer. Also, keep it away from a window, since direct sunshine can cause many issues.

When not in Use, Close the Manual Feed Tray

Your printer most likely includes a manual feed tray on the right hand side of the device. Make sure the feed tray is closed when not in use. The tray protrudes from the printer, making it easy for someone passing by to knock it over or break it. Folding your tray when not in use is one of the simplest preventative maintenance measures you can take.

Consider Utilizing Good Quality Paper for your HP Printer

While using your HP LaserJet Printer for printing your office documents, always use good quality paper. While you do not need the highest quality and most expensive paper, be sure to avoid the lowest quality and cheapest paper. Low quality paper will leave a lot of dust particles inside your machine and will prematurely erode the life of internal components such as the drum/imaging unit. This becomes more pronounced when having high print volumes of several thousand pages a month.

Make sure your Printer is Fully Serviced

Having an annual maintenance contract for your printer will ensure that it is properly serviced by a professional service provider and will greatly extend the life of your printer. Service engineers will perform regular preventive maintenance, clean the sensitive parts such as the imaging units on a regular basis, update the firmware and bios so as to offer you the latest features on the printer and warn you of any issues and parts which need to be replaced before there is extensive damage to your machine. We have clients that have been able to use the same printers and plotters for up to 20 years because of proper maintenance. 

Do Not Constantly Switch your Printer On and Off

Switching your printer on and off all the time is bad for the printer. If you aren’t intending to use your printer for several days, you can put it in standby mode. We can configure this for you with a preset timer so that the printer will automatically go to standby mode when not in use.

How to Switch Off your Printer

Always use the power button to turn off your printer, then wait until the power light turns off before unplugging it. This allows the printer to safely shut down. Remember than most printers have an advanced operating system, RAM memory and a hard drive just like a computer. Abruptly shutting the device down by pulling the cable from the wall might crash the hard drive and corrupt the data stored on it.

Looking for an authentic HP printer supplier in UAE?

NPC LLC is one of the best HP printer suppliers in Dubai offering excellent printing solutions and after sales maintenance services. We have a variety of printer for sale offers along with the original ink cartridges. 

You can substantially increase the life of your printer by taking small, straightforward steps as we have mentioned above. Couple this with regular maintenance, and your printer will not only function at its best, but it will also last considerably longer.

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