HP Printer Password Reset

how to reset hp printer password

Do you have HP printer and you lost your password or your printer has been hacked? If yes, then read this article carefully and get solution for how to reset HP Printer password.

Hacking has become very common nowadays. For example, the devices you are using, laptops, smartphones, and computers all can be hacked. Hackers know all the tricks to hack these technical devices. The HP printer is not an exceptional case for the hacking process. 

The chances of hacking are more in the case of printing devices. All these printing devices need to be secured by setting a password and changing the password regularly.

The easiest way to reset the password of HP Printer

You can reset the password of your HP printer by the use of your smartphone or iPhone easily. You just need to download HP Smart App. Then follow the given steps:

  • Switch on the HP printer first. 
  • Press and hold the cancel and Wi-Fi button simultaneously. 
  • There you will reach to the setup mode. 
  • Then open the HP Smart App in your mobile phone. 
  • First, you need to add your HP printer in your smartphone and press the plus button shown at the top of your phone screen. 
  • Add the name of your printer there. 
  • Go to the printer setting option. 
  • Then to the advance setting option. 
  • There you will get the setting option. Then the security option. 
  • Then go to the password setting. 

There you can change and confirm your password to prevent any risk.

To reset the password of HP wireless printer

  • At the Home menu of your printer. 
  • Select the Right arrow. 
  • Choose the Setup menu. 
  • Select for Network. 
  • Click on Restore Network Defaults. 
  • Select yes. 
  • Wait for default settings to get restored. 
  • Then go to Control Panel. 
  • Get access to Devices and Printers. 
  • Then Right-click on HP Printer icon. 
  • Select Properties. 
  • Click for Password icon. 
  • Then enter the new password.

Why it is needed to reset the password of your HP printer

The printers are not that much immune to hacking processes. Cyber attacks are more often occurs in case of printing devices. 

There are a few precautions you need to take care of are:

  • Reset the password of your HP printer. 
  • Keep your printer updated. 
  • Lastly, your Wi-Fi password should be safe. 
  • There should be no open ports in your printer so that the printer may not be hacked. 
  • Use of public Wi-Fi should be avoided. 

Problems which can occur after the hacking of your HP printer

The common signs are:

  • The pile of paper sheets in your printer will get ruined. 
  • Drainage of the ink cartridges of the printer. 
  • Leakage of your private data and information may occur, which can ultimately lead to your business’s loss and failure. 

How we can change the Wi-Fi password of HP printer

The following steps will help you to change the Wi-Fi password on HP printer:

  • Select the Start button. 
  • Go to the Control Panel. 
  • Click on the Devices and Printers option. 
  • Right-click on the wireless HP Printer icon. 
  • Select for Properties. 
  • There you will find Change the Wi-Fi option. 
  • Enter the old password there and then enter the new password which you want to set. 

In this fashion, you can reset the Wi-Fi password for HP printer. It is one of the safety measures to prevent your printer from hacking.


Apply password of your HP printer and reset it from time to time, it will ensure your private data, products, and services. To reduce the chances of hacking, you also need to keep your firmware up-to-date. Industrial organization and companies usually pay attention to many security measures. Still, they mostly do not pay much attention to printing machines’ security, so the chances of attacks on printer get enhanced. 

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