Blogging Tips: How to Improve the SEO Process for Your Blog Posts

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Nowadays, many people have their own blog. Some consider blogging as a hobby or favorite pastime, while others think of it as a career choice and a source of income. Needless to say, blogging has become quite popular these days. So much, in fact, that blogging has become quite competitive as well. That being said, many bloggers strive towards making their blog posts more visible, in order to attract readers and grow their followers.

One of the best ways to achieve that is through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO has become vital to online visibility and presence for both blogs and websites alike. Without SEO, your blog can easily get lost in the sea of information that’s circling around the Internet. That’s why it’s important to engage in SEO activities as soon as you begin developing an idea for your blog. The main reason is that SEO takes a bit of time before it starts showing viable results. Therefore, here’s how to improve the SEO process of your blog posts.

Keyword Research

Keywords are crucial for optimizing your blog posts for SEO. The main reason keywords are so important is that they help your posts become visible online, i.e. rank well on search engines. Simply put, keywords match the content and the context of your blog posts with user intent. They also help drive relevant traffic to your blog.

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As an example, if someone searches for “How to raise a cat” and your blog provides info on taking care of cats, you’d want to rank for keywords that relate to the intent. Moreover, long-tail keywords are also an option, as they’re more specific, but with less volume than short-tail ones. For instance, “Raising a Maine Coon cat” if you provide info on specific breeds of felines. Also, doing some competitive research is a must, as you must understand which keywords competitive blogs are ranking for and why.

On-site Blog SEO

Ranking for the right keywords is essential for both your traffic and your blog posts’ visibility online. However, that alone won’t boost your SEO ranking as much as you need it. On-site SEO helps you properly optimize blog posts and content on your blog, making them more search engine and user-friendly. On-site or on-page SEO includes optimizing titles, tags, meta descriptions and URLs among other things.

For example, Google considers your blog post headline as a “Title Tag”. If you include your related keyword into the headline, it will help website crawlers understand what your post is about, and they’ll display it properly in SERPs. Also, link internally whenever you can to provide more information to readers, thus securing their engagement. Internal links will also make your posts more relevant and valuable to search engines, which will make them rank better or search results.


Search engines love fresh new content and so do your readers. Blogs that produce new content regularly rank better than those that are inconsistent with their posts. Consistency drives engagement from users, as well as readers, and makes your blog posts more relevant. However, that doesn’t mean you have to create a new post every day.

Blogs that produce 16+ posts a month favor three times more traffic than blogs that produce around 4 posts per month. Creating fresh new content can be demanding and time-consuming, but it’s very important, especially if you treat your blogging as a business. That being said, if there are too many distractions at your home for you to focus on your blogging, you can try a shared office space instead. Just make sure you provide your audience with fresh blog posts regularly.

Going social

Social media platforms will be a great asset in your SEO process. Social media contains ranking signals that help improve SEO results for your blog posts. For example, content that goes viral over social media channels is a good ranking factor. Therefore, keep your social pages and profiles busy by posting your blog post, links and content.

Engage with your audience and grow your social following to generate more referral traffic for your blog and even gain a reputation that will make you a trustworthy influencer on social media. The more social you are with your audience on social networks and platforms, the more it will benefit both your blog and the blog posts you publish.

Improving the SEO process for your blog posts takes time and effort. If you develop the right strategy, your blog posts will gain the necessary visibility online and your blog will favor good organic traffic as well.

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