How to Advertise a Blog? 3 Ways to Make Your Posts Visible

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Blogs are an essential component of your digital strategy. On the one hand, thanks to effective SEO optimization, it is useful for intercepting traffic on the site. On the other hand it represents a valuable source of information and curiosity for your potential customers who will therefore be more likely to trust you (and convert).

However, a good SEO strategy takes time to bear fruit. In the meantime, your posts may wander the web without getting visits. How to speed up the visibility of your articles? How to advertise a blog?

Oh yes, SEO is a powerful weapon for generating organic traffic, but for this to happen you need to give Google and other search engines time to notice you, your pages and your authority.

Waiting for SEO results, how to promote a Blog?

What can we do while waiting? Is there any way to speed things up? The first thing that would come to mind is to exploit paid traffic to rapidly scale the SERP. But this solution requires budget (which could be invested in more profitable ways).

Better to focus on other solutions, basically at no cost.

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Publish posts on social media

Sharing posts on the most appropriate social networks is certainly the first thing to do. This not only to exploit the enormous popularity of these online platforms, but also to get around the problem of SEO-related timing.

The newsfeed of every person on social media is updated and is fed very quickly. Sharing a blog post at the right time allows you to immediately reach not only your followers, but (based on comments, reactions and shares on social post) even a much wider user base.

From this point of view, sharing on social media should not be considered a simple action more than the online publication of the article, but a real source of ideas to feed the strategy to follow for your Blog.

The social media audience can suggest for example which topics are most interesting to them, which are the days and times they are most active on these platforms, where and with which device they read your articles. All this information is true information for your Editorial Plan!

Invite readers to subscribe to the Blog

Another fairly obvious, but highly useful, action is to invite your readers to subscribe to the Blog to receive regular communications via email about the articles you will publish from time to time.

Consequently it is important that, on each post of your Blog there is, in addition to the main Call To Action of the article, also a form or in any case a second CTA that invites people to register.

In this way the visitor (now a prospect) will be constantly updated on your best content and with higher probability of loyalty to your Brand.

Care for internal link building

Last but not least important advice is to carefully treat the internal link building between the various pages of your Blog.

This practice is highly recommended already as an SEO activity: the denser the link network connecting the various posts of your Blog, the more likely Google spiders will find (and therefore index) more pages on your site.

In addition to this, a good internal link strategy allows readers interested in your Blog to find insights on the issues addressed or even just related topics. Offering your visitors alternative items will reduce bounce rates, or the possibility that they will leave the site.

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