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For an improved health and well being, it is important to include vegetables as a part of your diet. Vegetables are associated with reduced risks of many chronic diseases. Well there is no need to go all veggie, but consider including them in your meals. Also there is not a single vegetable that provide all the nutrients. Make your meal plan for whole week and add vegetables according to their nutrient values. Instead of consuming refrigerated vegetables, consider visiting your nearest grocery store or opt for online grocery store for fresh and healthy vegetables.

Excellent sources of vitamins and minerals

If you are willing to shed some pounds, then you should start taking eating fewer calories and increase the intake of vitamins and minerals as they will help in controlling your appetite for long. Spinach is loaded with vitamin C that makes your skin soft and glowing and keeps your gums healthy. Vitamin K acquired through broccoli and other numerous vegetables and strengthens the bones.

Asparagus is loaded with vitamins and minerals, mainly vitamin A, C, E and K. Most people use them as salads and consume in raw or steam them.

Fewer calories

Enriched in cancer fighting oxidants, beets contain zero calories. More than that, they are packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals. The pigments in beets have anti-inflammatory properties. For an improved digestion, it is recommended to consume beets as it contains significant proportions of fiber that assists in digestion of food.

The pumpkins are the power-house of vitamin A, C and E with very few calories. People with diabetes are suggested to eat pumpkins as its natural sweetness brings great taste when baked.

Improved Gut health

Starchy vegetables like peas are excellent sources of plant based proteins. They help in digesting food quickly due to good bacteria support.

Fermented vegetables are considered to improve gut health significantly as they contain probiotics that are essential for smooth digestion. The fiber proportions in vegetables make your belly full for long and prevent to overeat veggies.

To strengthen your immune system and to regulate blood sugar properly, it is recommended to intake lettuce. It contains vitamin B, folic acid and manganese that are perfect health boosters.

Reduced risk of heart diseases

In order to lower blood pressure, it is recommended to drink beetroot juice as it improves your heart’s health. You can also intake it as salad and consume it in sandwiches.

To get quick recovery from arthritis, specialists recommend usage of alfalfa sprouts. They contain good proportions of vitamin K. Vegetables those are rich in potassium helps in lowering blood pressure.

Protection against cancer

Consumption of cruciferous vegetables reduces the chances of tumor growth because of the presence of sulforaphane.  Vitamin A that ispresent in carrots guards you against lung and prostate cancer.

Tomato though treated as a fruit also plays an important role in dealing with prostate cancer.

Researchers have found out that indole-3-carbinol (I3C) proportions in cauliflower provide protection against breast cancer.

Final words

Vegetables and fruits provide variety of benefits to your health. You can easily find one that tastes delicious to your taste buds. If you are living in Dubai, and finding it difficult to buy fruits and vegetables then have no worries. There are many vegetable delivery services in Dubai that can save your time and efforts of visiting grocery stores.

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