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The new 12GB RAM smartphones are hitting the market. But do you actually need them? Judge for yourself. Smartphones have been constantly evolving through the last decade. From the camera quality to the RAM capacity to the GPU, they have come a long way, and are still being worked on by smartphone brands.

Today, we have smartphones that come with 12GB RAM, while there are phones that are sold abroad that even pack 16GB RAM! But not every upgrade is as useful as it is portrayed to be. Let us try to understand what 12GB RAM in smartphones will actually do for us.

What is RAM and what does it do?

Random Access Memory, abbreviated as RAM, is a temporary, fast memory that stores information about all the apps you’re using at a certain time. It is faster than the phone’s main storage, which is why it is useful in taking you back to the exact state of the app, before you switched to a different app. Apps running in the background use RAM, and that is why they can be quickly accessed while switching between apps.

Is more RAM always better?

Generally, we would think that more the memory our phone has (be it of any kind), the better will be its performance. But that is not always true. For example, if you play a mobile game with complex graphics, like PUBG, and the game lags, you might think that a phone with better RAM might fix it.

But in reality, it is a problem that can only be fixed by getting a better chipset with better GPU, and has nothing to do with RAM. That said, RAM is extremely important if you use a lot of memory-hungry applications, or use your smartphone for a variety of personal or work-related reasons.

Ideal RAM for smartphones

Most smartphones require only 4GB RAM and that proves to be enough for most applications we need to run on a daily basis. For smartphones with limited screen space, we only use a maximum of 3-4 apps actively. These are the main apps that take up the RAM in your phone. The rest take up little or close to no RAM until they are used actively again.

The most memory intensive apps can be the gaming apps like PUBG and Clash of Clans. But they take up only around 1.5GB RAM when they’re being used actively. Even if you have two such apps, you’re never going to play them at the same time.

Other memory hungry apps like Instagram and Snapchat don’t even reach 1GB RAM. If you’re an average user that uses their smartphone for texting, calling, chatting and light gaming, a 4GB smartphone should be enough. A lot of mobile gamers often prefer smartphones with 6GB to 8GB RAM for smooth performance of their phones.

How useful is a 12GB RAM?

Recently, flagship smartphones have come out boasting about having 12GB RAM. Some of them being OnePlus, 8T 5G and Samsung Galaxy F41. But in reality, that 12GB RAM is only effective in attracting a niche market audience. In spite of using graphic intensive and memory hungry apps, you hardly use 6GB of your RAM. Most normal smartphone users hardly use 3GB RAM.

So the rest of the RAM just lies useless, whereas you actually pay some extra bucks for it.

Most of our PCs usually have 4 to 8GB RAM, so in no way is it logical that our phones would need 12GB RAM to perform at their best. To conclude, an 8GB RAM phone would work exactly like a 12GB RAM phone because you would never need that extra 4GB RAM.

Smartphone recommendations under Rs. 30,000

Here are a few smartphones under the Rs. 30,000 mark that you can consider buying.

  • The Samsung Galaxy M31 is arguably one of the best smartphones under 30000 INR. With its 8GB RAM, it is a huge favourite amongst mobile gamers.
  • The Realme X2 Pro with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor and 6GB RAM also has received great reviews.
  • The LG G8x ThinQ is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, and also comes with a huge 4000mAh battery.
  • The Vivo V17 Pro, with its pop-up camera and 8GB RAM is also a sensation in the market right now.

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