How to Boost Your Business from These Uncommon Social Media Platforms?


The competitive nature of online businesses has made it quite impossible to be the #1 in the business race. But should that be the only purpose of any business? I think not! Getting listed on the top-notch list of successful businesses is everyone’s dream. However, one can’t simply overlook the fact that the more you stay on the top, the more are the chances of getting hurt when you fall down. There are companies that have a monopoly in the digital world and Social Media due to this, they are not coming down from the first position in the forthcoming years.

But wait! There’s still something you can do, and that is to utilize digital marketing smartly and broaden your target audience. I don’t request you to increase the product line horizontally or vertically because that’s a pretty huge risk. One thing you can do is to spread your brand on multiple digital platforms, whether they are trending as marketing platforms or not.

Spreading Business Online

If you have no active presence on the following channels, then make accounts immediately.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

These are the most common digital marketing platforms. You will find almost every other brand actively promoting its business with consistency. But that’s not enough if you want to see the change!

What should you do?

To market your product or service, you must be aware of your target audience. To your surprise, an average user has almost 8.6 accounts on different social media networking websites (Backlinko). You just read about the three, which means that there is still a lot of space available for improvement.

Now, let’s have a look at what platforms are most active after the top digital marketing giants where you can share words about your business and attract unpredicted yet needy customers.


Reddit shares a sense of original community-building platform with almost 330 million active users (2018). Since it has strict guidelines regarding spamming, digital marketers barely reach out to Reddit. Also, it’s quite a time taking to prepare extraordinarily engaging content for the Redditers.

You should gather the energy and go for Reddit marketing. From a professional perspective, there are skilled people who are well aware of Reddit marketing and promotional activities. Consider stepping into the world of Redditers because it’s now or never!


If you think that YouTube has nothing to do with marketing, you are wrong! The YouTubers community is earning pretty well from their content creation, and on top of that, brands are smartly capitalizing from their efforts. That’s not exploitation, I believe. Instead, companies that are not switching towards producing creative visual ads are losing the race.

Another trend has gone viral, and that’s about the YouTubers’ vinyl figures. The company has realized how crazy generation z is about the online world. That’s why they have launched the Youtooz discount code for its loyal fans. You can find your favorite YouTubers and streamers in the vinyl form at Youtooz!


Before spending good money on LinkedIn marketing, I’d recommend you filter your target audience. If you think that more than 20% of your audience is professionally active on LinkedIn, then go for it.

LinkedIn charges handsomely for marketing, and it’s justifiable because once a LinkedIn profile shows interest in your product or service, your company will become a highlight of the day on the entire LinkedIn platform.

Final Words

There are three other social media platforms; TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Since the ratio of turning a viewer into a prospect is quite thin, it’s not necessary to invest in these platforms for marketing. No one knows what the future will bring in digital marketing!

Reddit, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the next social media marketing giants after Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Once you spread your wings on these platforms, there’s no stopping then because Quora and Google+ should be your next target.

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