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win a car games

All motorists dream of one day being able to drive a brand new car. Only, these vehicles have a cost, and few people earn enough money each month to afford this privilege. However, there are different practices that can give you easily chances of winning a vehicle or of accumulating a sum large enough to acquire it yourself. Here are the main possible alternatives in 2020.

The different methods to win a free car online: games and other good deals

The chances of winning a car in a sweepstakes or lottery are usually very small. However, if you show a lot of determination, try all the operations in progress and are lucky on your side, keep in mind that nothing is ever impossible.

Fill out all forms for all contests

In 2020, many brands regularly organize marketing operations with great gifts to be won on the internet. Generally, a large selection of prizes is involved, with vouchers, a large quantity of advertising goodies, etc.  And some valuable products like high-tech objects and one or more cars.

In order not to miss any of these opportunities on the web, make a habit of logging in every day to the sites that list the contests. Do not hesitate to add them to your web browser favourites, so that you don’t forget any of them.

Integrate good deals pages on social networks

On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, many passionate internet users share their good deals every day and in particular the contests accessible to all. Subscribe to these accounts which will make your task easier and allow you, very quickly, to see the new contests that have been set up.

Protect yourself from scams

Warning: as everywhere, there are scams in the universe of contests. Very concretely, as soon as you are asked even a penny of dollar to try your luck, you must flee immediately. Indeed, any contest worthy of the name must be primarily 100% free.

At the same time, certain operations that cost you nothing remain pure scams. This is particularly the case on social networks: pages promise you gifts just for you to subscribe, but you actually have no chance of winning. You don’t lose money either, so it’s not a “risky” practice per se. To avoid these misunderstandings, read the comments of other users about the page in question. You will quickly distinguish the organizers of authentic contests from the usurpers.

Winning a car in real life is possible too

Not everything happens on the internet: in everyday life, certain practices can also allow you to win a car. Again, they must be taken into account to seize all the chances at hand.

Take part in a television program

Inevitably, your chances of going through all the stages of a casting to arrive on a TV set and leave with a jackpot like a car remain slim. But you would be wrong not to try. So do not hesitate, especially if you have general knowledge or particular skills, to subscribe to TV shows that seem within your reach.

Play Online Competitions

Not all competitions and lotteries put a car at stake: it all essentially depends on the organizer’s budget and sponsors. So when such an opportunity arises, dwell on the prizes and, if there is a car at stake, simply try your luck. You can participate in online competitions to win a car in 2020. You just need to sign up on website, buy ticket and wait for draw.

Follow the games and contests of supermarkets

In supermarkets and hypermarkets, customers are also offered to win a car. Stay on the lookout for these operations that we cannot anticipate: they point the nose at certain times, and can come in different forms (terminals with tokens given by the cashier, draw at comes out with a form to fill out, etc.).

Earn lots of money and buy a car

Indirectly, you can win a car by touching a sufficient amount of money to make this purchase, in this configuration, you also have the privilege of choosing the options and the model. Zoom on some methods which can turn out to be particularly lucrative.

Play and bet online

Depending on your skills, get started in the discipline likely to bring you the most money: the sports prognosis if you are particularly proficient in an activity such as football, handball or basketball, for example. If you are an experienced bluffer, try online poker or, if you prefer to bet on the luck factor, other games like scratch cards on the web or not (see the best tips for winning). Do not forget to win money by playing – within the limits of your financial means.

Rent unused property or space

A cellar that you do not use, an empty garage, a car that is rarely out of the house or a tractor-mower that is useful to you three times a year: rent regularly everything that is not necessary for you right now. This will allow you to accumulate sums and, if you manage to put them aside, you will soon have enough to offer you the car of your dreams.

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