What is Web Host Manager And How to Use It?

Web Host Manager
Web Host Manager


WHM, or Web Host Manager, is a hosting manager that allows you to manage and easily control your web server. It was created for administrative control of the cPanel backend. Now it is easy to understand, in a simple way; Web Host Manager (WHM) is a computer programing that provides you a control dashboard to control your web server. With the WHM you can manage all activities and data on your server.

In the article, we are going to learn more about Web Host Manager (WHM), and you will also know why it is used and how it works. 

What is a Web Host Manager?

A Web Host Manager is the full form of WHM. WHM is a tool or a backend program to manage the backend of cPanel. When you purchase a web hosting plan, the provider gives you a tool to manage your website, where you manage all data of your website, called cPanel. The way users can control and manage their content and data with cPanel, that way web host manager enables you to manage all the data on your server.

There are two variants of web host managers. One is a root web host manager that is used in VPS and dedicated server management. And the second is a basic web host manager that is used for reseller accounts. 

How to Use a Web Host Manager?

If you have a reseller web hosting business or want to sell web hosting reseller services the web host manager will play an important role in your business. As a reseller, you could use WHM to create multiple ranges of WHM packages. Once you create packages, you can change them and manage them as you want.

Different packages attract more users which is very helpful to grow your web hosting service. You can easily create a different package for each cPanel account on your web hosting reseller server with the web host manager.

What is the purpose of using Web Host Manager?

Because Web Host Manager is very easy to use, it is very valuable for managing resellers’ web servers. With WHM you have some major advantages that help to improve your reseller hosting server.

High-Level Security

With a web host manager, you can create a different cPanel account for each website which means you have a different secure panel for each account. 

For example, if a website is hacked on the server, other sites will not be affected.

Better Management

The Web Host Manager gives you administrative control to the backend of all the cPanel accounts on the server. So you can manage and adjust different bandwidths and disk spaces for each website.

Unique Modification

When you activate your reseller web hosting as a service then the web host manager gives you a lot of profits, because you can modify the UI (User Interface) to reflect your user brand.


After starting a reseller web hosting service you can easily customize your user accounts with a web host manager. That is very impressive for your service, you can customize multiple accounts in a different way.

Benefits of Web Host Manager

As a reseller web hosting service provider you have to manage the webserver perfectly, web host manager enables you all-access on a dashboard. Web host manager has many benefits for your reseller web hosting business; Below are mentioned benefits of WHM.

  • You can easily create, delete or suspend accounts with Web Host Manager. If someone breaks your agreement or an account expires, you can delete or suspend their account.
  • It allows you to track and manage all activities on your reseller server, and you also can manage server storage with the web host manager.
  • As a reseller hosting service provider you can make multiple packages with different offers and different prices.
  • The web host manager allows you the assignment and whitelisting of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.
  • Web host manager enables you to automatically active-backup all the data and you can also restore all data. 
  • Best of all is you can change and reset the user name or password of every single account. If someone forgets his password in that case you can verify and change the password.
  • The web host manager provides a simple way for all users to install and manage SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates.


The web host manager (WHM) was created to manage the web host server. In the industry, web host manager is a valuable and very important tool because it is very human-friendly and easy to understand. There are two types of web host managers, first is the root web manager that accesses VPS and the dedicated server accounts, and the second one is a basic web host manager that helps to manage the reseller servers accounts.

Web host manager tool provides you with a dashboard where you can manage and control all activities on your reseller server.

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