How to Use a Virtual Home Tour to Market Your Home?

We all might have often heard the term that a picture says 100 things at once. But do you know that a video can say a lot more than a picture? Yes, heard that right, and this is why the sellers are incorporating the use of videos. Nowadays, people love to engage with the content they see on different platforms, and the sellers have used their engagement as the chance to market the services.

360 virtual tours

One section that has incorporated videos in its strategy is the real estate industry. When a person lists their house for purchase, then the first thing the customer will ask for is the pictures of your place. This will help them to get an idea that the place is worth their investment or not. 360 virtual tours will be the right pick if you need to make your customer experience a cherishable one. To know more, keep reading!

Create a Truly Interactive Experience

The first approach would be to make your virtual home tour as interactive as feasible. The most common method is to create a virtual “walk-through.” This allows the buyer to practically stroll around the property as if they were walking through it in person.

This type of viewing experience, however, can be found in practically every virtual home tour. How can you make it more interactive? Virtual tours can be made more engaging by integrating specialized interactive components. Let’s go through a few of these right now.

Create Welcome Videos

It’s a nice touch to make a greeting video for your clients to watch when they launch a virtual home tour. This allows people to hear your voice and immerse themselves in the virtual experience.

The idea is to make your virtual tour seem and feel like an in-person visit. If you were showing the house in person, you could give the buyer a pep talk before the tour or emphasize some of the most appealing characteristics of the property. Including these early aspects in a welcome video will immediately make your clients feel at ease.

If you personalize the features with tags or welcome videos, your virtual property tour will boost the overall digital presence of your homes. Essentially, having a one-of-a-kind virtual tour framework will pay dividends in the long run. You’ll help folks locate the homes of their dreams while building your own.

Utilize Specific Tags on a Virtual Home Tour

Specific tags are interactive real estate technology that allows you to click on specific parts of a virtual tour to learn more about them. Until you click on one of these tags, it just looks like a circle.

These tags are available in four distinct colors: blue, white, red, and green. Each one represents a distinct type of data.


Blue tags will draw attention to certain elements contained inside the property. This could contain before and after pictures of a remodeling project or a remark stating that an appliance is fresh.


White tags will emphasize basic information such as when the chimney was last swept or if the home includes a washer and dryer. Other details, such as the paint color, may also be given.


Details that must be given to the viewer will be highlighted in red tags. This would contain details about the property’s upkeep. These could also be used to inform the viewer if specific equipment is not included in the transaction.


Green tags will draw the viewer’s attention to things that are for sale. A pool table is one example, as are add-ons such as a lawnmower. These items would be charged in addition to the property’s price.

Offer Full Transparency

One of the most significant techniques to improve your virtual home tours is to be transparent. It’s one thing to use tags, but it’s much more important to highlight the proper things with them.

It’s no secret that real estate brokers are compensated on a commission basis. This means that the folks you’re selling to will scrutinize your virtual pitch for flaws. It’s to your best advantage to highlight everything about the property, both good and poor.

People want to weigh their alternatives, and it’s impossible to do so if no one tells them about the property’s drawbacks. While this may appear to be in conflict with making a sale, it will actually be highly useful in the long run.

Give Homebuyers the Option to Favorite and Revisit

This is a minor virtual feature, but it can make a significant difference in the buyer’s decision. It is critical to have the opportunity to favorite a house after taking a virtual tour. It guarantees that the buyer does not lose track of what they’ve viewed during their search, which is especially important if it’s a house they liked.

Built-In Digital Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

This last method benefits both you, the real estate agent, and your clients. Virtual home tours can benefit from built-in digital marketing techniques, allowing everyone to get more out of them.


You may follow development on your property and update your interactive features depending on new information, thanks to built-in digital marketing.


With targeted marketing, your property will reach out to certain clients based on the information you give in its interactive features—the more detailed your tags, the better.


These marketing solutions allow you to keep your buyers up to date in real-time. This brings a new degree of transparency to the previous discussion. Clients who believe they are constantly informed are more inclined to purchase a home from you.

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