How to use spoiler tags in Discord?

spoiler tags in discord

In this article, we are going to know about spoiler tags in discord and how they are used. But before that let’s go through a brief introduction of discord.

In today’s world gaming has become a profession. People are organising various game tournaments in collaboration with various big firms where teams of gamers participate, and compete with each other to win the cash prices. In order to play in an international tournament, teams first have to qualify tournaments that are organised within their countries. These teams are not made overnight.

spoiler tags in discord

To be a part of an international tournament, players of the team go through several game playing session and practising to compete with other world-class teams. This high-level gaming also requires a good means of communication. A mean by which the players can remain connected despite being physically apart and the purpose of that mean is fulfilled by Discord. 

Discord is an instant messaging application, originally made for the gamers’ community. It has also made possible the video and audio call in real-time while playing the game, among the community of the same people. It can also be used as a simple messaging app for private chats as well as group discussion, which includes the people of the same interest, which are known as servers. However, every message sent on the server is not for everybody, as it can be a spoiler for someone who hasn’t reached that point in the game yet, so you can use spoiler tags in discord to make them unreadable for those who do not want a spoiler.

Adding Spoiler Tags to Text 

If you are sending a message to your community and you know that it can be a spoiler for someone who has to reach that part of the game yet, then you must use a spoiler tag in the text, so that the suspense for that person does not revel beforehand. 

To know How to use spoiler tags in Discord for text, go through the following steps:

  1. In the chat server, when you are typing a spoiler, write “/spoiler” before the message.
  2. Press enter or tap on the send button.
  3. The message will become the same as the colour of the background of the screen and will not be visible until someone wants to voluntarily read it.

If the person wants to read the message, he/she should have to click the message attached with spoiler tags in discord, accept to read the spoiler and the message will be shown, only then the person will be able to read what’s in the message.

Adding Spoiler Tag to Other Attachments

Other than the text messages, images and several other attachments can be a give a spoiler. There to hide these from viewing and alter the reads that it is a spoiler, you should also attach them under spoiler tags in discord.

The method mentioned in the previous section where the text is sent with a spoiler tag would not work with images and other attachments, for attaching them under a spoiler tag you have to use a different method.

However, we can add a spoiler tag in text messages, whether using discord in a mobile phone or discord’s desktop version, but for adding spoiler tag in images and other media content we have to use the discord website or its desktop version for Windows or Mac.

To get the knowledge of How to use spoiler tags in Discord for images, go through the following process:

  1. First, you have to open the discord desktop application, or login into its website.
  2. There, to upload the required file or photo, drag and drop it in the server’s chat.
  3. In the typing box area, you will see a plus (+) icon, adjacent to the typing box, which can also be used to attach the file that you want to send.
  4. The uploaded file preview will be shown before it is being sent.
  5. There, you have to check the box, present adjacent to the “Mark as spoiler” text label. It will mark the image or the attachment as a spoiler. This option will be present just below the typing box.
  6. Thereafter, marking the file as a spoiler, click on the “Upload” button, present just beside the “Mark as spoiler” option.
  7. Now, your file will be sent on the server’s chat and it will blur out. The file will be marked as a spoiler so that no one unknowing read it. 
  8. In order to know what is in that file or image, the person has to click on that file and constantly accept to see the spoiler.

These two were the methods by which you can use spoiler tags in discord. The method for making the text as the spoiler we can do it either with the mobile or desktop version of discord, but for marking an image or an attachment as a spoiler we have to use Discord’s desktop version, it can be done through its application for Windows or iOS operating system or through its website.

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