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Instagram is an excellent tool that helps to share your photos and videos because it is called a visual platform as well. People can freely update their pictures & videos for their families or followers and select particular people to make a group then send those items. Followers can view these posts to comment or share, and also, people can see who all visit your stories and videos. Instagram provides several benefits and some of its highlights are:

  • More businesses are joining every day
  • Target your audience easily and quickly
  • Market through visual
  • Engage with customers

Instagram has a billion active monthly users and 500+ daily active users and 50 billion posts per day. More than 25 million business accounts on Instagram, and people share their likes almost more than 4 billion likes per day. Experts calculate 100 million photos & videos uploaded by a single day. Instagram releases more features like IGTV, Instagram stories, Live videos, bio, shoppable tags, etc. But now we will see about the biggest feature: Instagram stories; it helps to visit your page directly and get more clicks. To get more pageviews, post your website link on Instagram stories. Let us see some steps to increase website traffics:

1: Add Your Website Link On InstagramStories

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First, create a business account for your business and maintain it individually; it is a great marketing strategy to gain more profits. If you have a business account with 10k followers, use “Swipe Up” features to get more viewers for your websites. To get more traffic, add a link to your Instagram stories; it is the best and easiest to make. People love to see photos, videos, and GIFs, so if you want to encourage people, use them to swipe up on your link. Add “See more” text on the story that helps to swipe up the action, and don’t forget to add call-to-action for your story to indicate your people. Those features aid in reaching out to your brand and getting more direct traffic for your websites. 

2: Use the Direct Message Option

Use this option to get a direct opinion from people; share your stories or messages via chat. Tap on the story to view and tap right side on the bottom to share; select the people who you want to share your story and tap Send. It is an excellent way for people to send a personal message to me and then message them later. When followers ask me the same question, use Instagram story to post an answer for it with the Swipe Up option. Do many marketers confuse how I can create questions? Experts said you need to know about your audience, what they like, and what kind of help they expect then use Question stickers on the story. If you haven’t any answer to their question, move to the next update to turn their direction. 

3: Post Product Teasers On  Instagram Stories

Instagram story is the best way to tease your new products or new launch. Don’t stop it within a single post; try to create a new creative post with a link. Your stories should create people’s curiosity to click your link. You can drive web traffic through Instagram stories by posting teasers of new products.. Use blog posts to post what is next about your products or post live videos. You can share your post in different format there are: 

  • Take screen-shot of your posts
  • Taking videos about your brand
  • Make a story about your brand success moment 

Use those tactics to create blog post On Instagram to attract new audiences. To get more engagement, spread your blog content on the Instagram platform. And this post should solve the audience’s problems. 

4. Use Highlight Option 

The highlight is the most valuable feature from Instagram for marketers to save their hard work. Yes!!! Instagram stories will automatically disappear the next 24 hours until you delete them. Save your popular stories or what you want to save on Highlights; Highlight a group of your stories, and it’s permanently on profile. Easy to find because it will appear under your bio. Features aid to who visits your profile for the first time and boosts your website traffic. Few points to make story highlights there are:

  • Create the first story with CTA to ask followers 
  • Next, a few stories about your brand information
  • CTA to click your bio link 
  • If you have new updates, delete the old stories on highlights. 
  • And don’t forget to add a new one after deleting old stories. 

5. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Viewing 

Add your link on Instagram stories; you can track them who visit your website. Insights help to track your viewer’s list and get better results from the audience. If you utilize tracking methods, bring ideas to create content. You can see the number of impressions for your posts. Every highlight can swipe up if you want to see your old stories. If you want to zero bounce rate, optimize your website for mobile viewing to get more followers’ traffic. You aren’t using this feature; you will lose your efforts and get zero or less traffic because of Instagram applications created by the mobile platform. Spend some time to make new stories to get engagement from the audience or try to grow your Instagram audience up to 10k. Once your user has a bad experience with your stories, it will decrease your viewers. You need to check twice before your website’s navigation because you should deliver a worthy website, and it is easy to use. 


Instagram reach and impressions are significant for your stories. You can get reach from unique visitors, but impressions can get through the number of visits. Instagram story is a key factor of your business success, so every marketer utilizes this prospect to get more engagement for profit. Experts provide some other ideas to increase your traffic there are: Add behind-the-scene on your post; Shoot live videos because you can get direct messages while living; Create stories continually or 10 – 15 posts per day to keep your followers with you always; Use style fonts & attractive colors; creative, relevant caption; popular hashtags; Use stickers to a fun conversation. These all help you to get or increase more traffic. 

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