How To Use The Fancy Product Designer For Your E-commerce Website

E-commerce Website

Fancy product designer is a nifty little plug-in to look into if you have an e-commerce website. It is an all-purpose product designer. It enables your customers and you to customize and design any type of product. Restricted only by imagination, fancy product designer allows you complete freedom in choosing which products and which portions of the product you or your customer can customize. Among the most critical factors for any e-commerce store are its product pages. There are a number of features that can change how many purchases you make, including which pictures you apply, your page’s design, and more. To create WooCommerce product pages that work, you require to apply all of the means at your end. 

WooCommerce decks plenty of features for product customization out of the box, but it can be developed on. In this article, we will inform you how to include high-level customization choices utilizing the fancy product designer plugin.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Use Fancy Product Designer

Create Your Fancy Product

Fancy product designer woocommerce products are the customizable item that are going to be shown in the product designer. They can have several views—back and front of a t-shirt. Here’s how you do it:

  • Select New to put a new product
  • When the popup opens, it will ask you to enter the title of the product
  • The new product will get listed underneath. If you prefer, you can designate a product thumbnail by selecting the blank thumbnail box on the left of the title
  • Alternatively, you can designate products to the category by opening Manage Categories, clicking the product and then selecting the checkbox in panel of Categories. A single Fancy Product can be designated to several categories. 
 Fancy Product Designer

Add Views to Fancy Product

A view can display various aspects of a product. For instance the back and front representation of a shirt.

  • Select the + icon to add a view to the product
  • When a popup opens, it will ask you to enter the title for the latest view
  • In the now open window, for the view, select a thumbnail
Fancy Product

Build Your First Product

In the Product Builder, you combine the original image and text components that compose your product.

  • On the Product Builder admin, you chose the Product Builder in the primary navigation or by selecting the Layers icon in the generated views product list
  • Add text or image components through the panel of Layers
Product Builder
  • You can customize several choices for each component individually. To do this, pick it from the Layers menu or select the component in the Product Stage
  • Through the Layers Options menu, you are prepared to modify the characteristics and performance of a component. 
Layers Options menu

Facilitate Product Designer (Option 1)

With WooCommerce, you require to facilitate the fancy product designer for each product separately.  

  • Head over to the WooCommerce Products and choose a product from your present products or put a new product
  • On the right side of the screen, you will find the Fancy Product Designer meta box
  • Add one or more products separately or one or more categories through the option of Source Type
  • Now choose products or categories from a dropdown. You can additionally make and select various products for mobile devices to enhance the display of products on smaller devices.
  • You can publish and review the page now. 
 Product Designer

Attach Product Designer In Pages and Posts (Option 2)

The fancy product designer can also be attached to pages and posts through two shortcodes. This doesn’t work on product pages on WooCommerce.

  • Design a post or page or choose a present one.
  • You require to attach these two shortcodes: 
  • [fpd]
  • [fpd_form]
  • You will see the latest Fancy Product Designer meta box that has been attached on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Attach one or more Fancy Products separately or one or more product sections through the Source Type choice.
  • After that pick the categories or products from the dropdown. You can further build and select various products for mobiles to enhance the display of the commodities on smaller screens.
  • You can forthwith publish and review the product page.

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