How to use Facebook ads to promote your services?

create Facebook video ads

With more than 1.79 billion active users using Facebook daily, you can reach around 2.1 billion people. To do so, you need tocreate Facebook video ads, with which you can quickly market a vast audience.

These marketing statistics reflect how you can leverage Facebook ads to market products and services. Facebook ads are paid messages that you can place to your potential audience in multiple formats. These can be extremely helpful when you target a particular demographic location, like New Delhi in India.

If you are wondering how you can use Facebook ads to promote your services and take your business to the next level, then go through the following pointers to know how to use Facebook ads to promote your services –

Audience targeting

Facebook ads allow you to market your offerings to the relevant section of the audience. Like you can choose to publish your ads to people living in Delhi with age groups from 18 to 55+ but excluding men.

create Facebook video ads

This selective targeting enables you to narrow down your potential audience and helps to save your costs. Moreover, it makes your campaign more meaningful. You can customise your audience on the following grounds –

  • Location – includes city, state, zip code, country, address that you can use to narrow down the potential audience.
  • Age – you can easily market your ads to a specific age audience, for example, 18 to 45+.
  • Gender – you can market your ads to a specific gender, for example, women, men, or “all.”

There are three types of audience you can target –

  • Saved audience – It is good for businesses to have a new marketing strategy on Facebook. It helps these businesses to explore their markets and advance their campaigns. This also enables them to experiment with targeting options within Facebook.
  • Custom audience – It is useful as it helps connect to the audience showing interest in your businesses. After all, this is based on sources like website traffic, customer contacts, offline activity, or mobile app.
  • Lookalike audience – This lookalike audience helps you to reach users matching your target group. This type of audience is perfect for those businesses that have success running campaigns as they are also well known about their ideal customer. You can use it to reach a similar set of people in other locations.

Use ads on people who visit your website

If you have frequent visitors to your website, you can use Facebook ads to target them again. You can start remarketing campaigns to target those customers. Even if they are not your customer, they are potential customers who have shown interest in your business. Consequently, they can turn into consumers. You can achieve this by creating a custom audience of website visitors.

Identification of best-performing ads

Facebook ads provide you with an option to analyse and measure the results of various ads. You can get accurate data about your audience’s reaction to your ad campaign, including the likes, reach, comments, and all the other effects of your advertisement. This analysis will further help you when you plan to create Facebook video ads in the near future. The Facebook ads manager gives you complete insight in one place.

Use different forms of ads

You can use multiple forms of ads to market your brand. These include

  • Image ads – This includes boosting an existing post along with an image from your page.
  • Video ads – These appear as in-stream ads. It can display video of your services and their USPs through which you wish to target your potential audience. You can use –
    • You can opt for Poll ads by adding two poll options to gauge your audience’s interest in different plans.
    • You can use carousel ads to show up to ten images to showcase the complete collection of your offerings.
    • To explain your services, you can use slideshow ads to display short videos, pictures, text descriptions, etc.

Growth testing

Facebook provides you with different tools that allow you to test your marketing strategy, like A/B testing. This helps them to see which ad performs better over time along with data. Moreover, split testing helps to test and display ad variants. These ads are set up for 1-30 days with a custom audience and specific audience. So, you can observe the performance of two simultaneous ads. This way, it helps you to choose a better campaign for your brand and ensure better sales.

Now that you know how you can use Facebook ads to promote your offerings, here are a few of the must-knows about Facebook ads:

  • You can place Facebook ads in different places. These places include the right column, desktop news feed, mobile news feed. The purpose of your ad determines the placement of your advertisement.
  • There are eight various formats in which you can choose for your business advertisement. These formats include –
    • Photo ad
    • Video ad
    • Stories ad
    • Messenger ad
    • Carousel ad
    • Slideshow ad
    • Collection ad
    • Playable ads
  • The breakdown section in reporting answers various questions about the mobile conversion rate, strongest CPA, regions not converting, etc.
  • There are three types of audience for your Facebook audience: Saved audience, custom audience, and lookalike audience. The saved audience includes specifications; the custom audience includes targeting an audience familiar with your business; the lookalike audience consists of an audience with similar interests with no interaction.
  • There are three types of targeting for your Facebook audience:
    • Demographics-based targeting
    • Interest-based targeting
    • Behaviour-based targeting
  • You can exclude certain people from watching your ads.
  • You can set your Facebook ads according to your budget.
  • You can even analyse and measure the performance of your ads.

These are a few ways in which you can use Facebook ads to promote your business. Facebook ads are beneficial if you use them according to a set algorithm. So, now that you know how to play the game— start advertising today with Facebook ads.

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