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In the social network “Instagram” there are two types of blocking – this is a permanent ban and the so-called shadow. With the second, everything is more transparent and clear: the user drops out of recommendations, the top, his posts are not displayed in the list by tags, even if hashtags were left under these posts.

Permanent ban – complete restriction of access to your account. However, there are no instances in “Instagram” when pages were deleted without a trace, that is, “erased” from the system. All profiles, including commercial and personal, remain, information on them is stored in full. Therefore, you can still restore your account, even if the reason for the blocking was justified.


Without a reason, Instagram will not block anyone. If you are faced with the problem in question, then there is still a violation or suspicion of it. So, the main types of profile blocking reasons:

•    Suspicious activity. In accordance with the rules for using the service and the user agreement, it is forbidden to cheat likes, comments, reposts and other actions that contribute to creating the appearance of activity. If the system detects a violation, the account may be blocked. In this case, unlocking will be the simplest and shortest, as practice shows. The blocks are issued by the robot.

•    Complaints from users. Or for example, Instagram followers cheatmay affect this effect. Such a block can be given by either a robot or an administrator. Typically, a robot deletes content that is identified as prohibited. And again, it is the robot that marks the unwanted content on posts where there are partially incorrect materials. If complaints from users have come to the administrator, if a violation is found, such a page will be blocked completely. How do I know when a complaint is being examined by a robot, and when is an administrator? There are nuances here. Much depends on the essence of the complaint and on how many people have issued it. The more calls, the higher the likelihood of the administrator considering the issue, and in the near future. When there are few complaints, they end up on the general list of the administrator, so it takes much longer to consider.

•    Copyright Infringement. Instagram protects objects of copyright and, in general, the rights of legal entities seriously and actively. Therefore, it’s difficult to restore accounts that were blocked for such a violation. True, not in all cases, users fall into the full block. Sometimes, again, the question of content gets to the admin, sometimes to the robot. Usually, the post where the violation is found is simply deleted. For example, if the music was inserted into a video without the knowledge of the copyright holder, such a post will be deleted. Another caveat: most materials are freely available and can be used by the audience. It is more difficult to find out which content the creator has legal rights to and which does not.

Finding out that your account is locked is easy enough. If you are trying to enter the application on a smartphone, but the page does not load and a window appears on the screen with the content “Your account has been suspended for violation of our conditions. Find out how you can restore your account ”, this is a block. If the page is white or there is simply no loading of materials, the system crashed.


Typically, in a situation where the user is faced with an account lockout, the release is an application for unlocking. To do this, in the window where “Instagram” reports about the bath, you need to click on the word “Details”. A page with some materials about the rules for using the system and how this is connected with the block will open. Below, most likely, the system will write: “If you think that an error has occurred, let us know.”

Now it remains to send a letter with explanations that are best expressed competently and reasonably. The administrator will consider it. Therefore, your main goal is to please him and ensure that the unlock occurs as quickly as possible. If you have any difficulties, use the tools on our forum about Instagram and other social networks.


Not always considered the above scenario is relevant for users who are in the ban. In some cases, especially if the page has been banned due to user complaints or copyright infringement, Instagram does not offer to report an error. There are no links and forms for sending messages, but the system informs exclusively about the fact of deactivation.

Then it is recommended to send a request to Instagram. The system will offer to send a message if the lock occurred by mistake. To begin with, it is necessary to indicate to whom the profile belongs – to the company or to an individual. If the second option suits you, specify the data in the appropriate fields:

•    full name and surname;

•    username on Instagram (an example of designation is suggested);

•    the email address specified in the page settings;

•    country of location.

If we are talking about unlocking a commercial account, then a copy of the document must be added to all the previously indicated points. This can be a license, charter, invoice, certificate of registration, tax return, utility bill, domain name registration confirmation, order execution documentation. In general, you just need to prove that the user actually represents the company.

Instagram also invites the representative of a commercial organization to put a mark next to the point where consent is indicated to provide a document in defense of the company.

Please note: you must first restore access to the email associated with the account if the password from it was lost or forgotten. If you do not have access to mail, you won’t be able to unlock your Instagram account.


Whichever of the options considered above suits you, the next steps are to fill out a form that the system will automatically send to your mail immediately after receiving a request from you.

The next step is to take a photo. “Instagram” will describe in a letter by mail what requirements are presented to the photo card. As a rule, you need to take a picture so that you can clearly see the person’s face, hand and a leaf that will be in the hand. We are talking about the white paper without unnecessary marks, presumably A4. It is necessary to indicate the code on it, which is generated and sent in the same letter that arrived by e-mail. Typically, a code consists of four digits. Below you need to specify the last name, first name and even lower the link to the account (username through the @ mark).

Users who did not have real photos in their accounts usually start to panic, thinking that the administration will compare the pictures, establish a discrepancy and give a refusal. In fact, an account can be designed in different ways – the style and content do not affect the likelihood of unlocking, unless, of course, we are talking about violations of the user agreement.

You must save the photo with the extension ” .jpeg “. Other extension options are not supported – these images either do not reach at all or are not considered by the administration.

Please note: your face will not be publicly available. Why did Instagram develop such a confirmation system? To avoid mass unlocking when hackers generate actions to get a quick result. Instagram analyzes your data and summarizes that the user is real, like his request.

Another important detail: when you write the name, surname, code, and link to the account, do not forget to circle all the numbers and letters with a pen as carefully as possible so that they can be seen in the photo. Take a few similar pictures so that there is plenty to choose from, send only high-quality images.

Important: do not create a new letter when sending pictures – click on the “Reply” button or another similar one in your mail system. This should be a common thread, as Instagram generates a specific name for the email thread to quickly identify new ones.

Now it remains only to wait. Be patient – the answer to the letter will come no earlier than in a couple of days, but usually, it takes 3-4 days to consider the application.


Everyone who does not want to send a real photo to the system has its own reasons for this. There is an alternative option: find on the Internet a photograph of another person and insert in your graphic hand a paper placed in front of you in his hand, written in advance and photographed by you.

Surprisingly, this trick works great. Apparently, it is effective due to the work of robots with photos. They are evaluated not by real people (administrators), but by cars. True, this is not a reason to neglect the quality of the image. Hand and face must be visible. It is advisable that the person whose photo you took did not restore your account in the system earlier. If inconsistencies are found, Instagram will automatically refuse the application. Then you have to repeat the procedure again after a certain time.


Rename the image before sending it. Indicate the name: “first_name_name1111 .jpeg ”, where “1111” is the code in your letter (may contain more characters).

Be sure to attach the photo as an attachment to the response to the letter sent by Instagram. Do not write too much in the photograph or in the letter itself. Just attach a photo – that’s enough. As a rule, in a couple of days, or maybe even earlier, the account will be unlocked.


For each account separately, you need to take photos with the data sent by e-mail. Please note that one email address is attached to one profile, that is, there can be no retries. Each account has its own mail.

Do not forget that taking photos with sheets of paper for several pages yourself is undesirable. Our buy Instagram followers UK  platform therefore helps and analyzes each profile before ordering. The system recognizes the face and determines that you are in several photos. This will become the basis for refusing to unlock, so it’s better to find the right photos on the Internet so as not to risk multiple accounts. Be sure to use the Instagram activity cheat services to create a realistic profile in the future.


You did everything right, but the response came with a refusal without explanation. What to do? The main thing – do not panic. You will have many more opportunities to try unlocking your profile. Administrators are considering applications – living people who often look at the situation “from their own bell tower”. If one administrator gives a refusal, this does not mean that others will respond negatively either.

In conclusion, it is worth emphasizing that there are many mistakes on Instagram. Cases, when account blocking turned out to be unfounded at all, are considered frequent. That is, the user did not violate anything, but lost access to the page. Then you need to write to the support service, indicating that you think the lock is erroneous. After that, it remains only to wait for the application to be considered.

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