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Not satisfied with what you are getting? Totally on fire because you have not got the right router for what you have paid? As everyone needed the internet to run the business, do the online studies and get some entertainment, so it’s very obvious for my house to suffer from the slow internet speed. So today I am going to share my experience on how I tweak my router and solved the weak Wi-Fi problem in a day.

This blog will guide you with dozen of forgotten or missed suggestions to increase the performance of your existing or new Wi-Fi router.

Router Placement and Signal are Best Friends

The first thing you need to do while setting up your new router such Orbi at www.orbilogin.com, is their location and signal strength. While you try to connect with the wireless Orbi router, have you notice what’s your current signal power? It may be a cause of our slow network issue. By placing the router as near as possible so that you reach the desired network signal, you existing network can again work in better condition.

This method is one the proven method told by the experts. So if you want to rely on your existing wi-fi router, you should try to replace it because the router positions can be major cause of slow internet.

Changing the Channel perhaps does better

As you know modern routers are far better than the old ones, but still you can save you money by changing the channel of existing network. Some routers are unable to work on low network frequency that is 2.5GHz so tune this time with the 5 GHz.

Why to Waste Network on Unused Devices

If the speed is your major issue, then it is better to utilize the network usage. If there are certain devices that does not need the network at that particular time, you can either prioritize them or disconnect them. Many modern router or best routers such as Orbi has such feature to prioritize the devices according to the needs. This is called “VIP treatment” so that other can enjoy the desired network bandwidth.

If your existing router does not have this feature, ultimately you have to shift on the orbi wireless devices!

Is it bad to have Faster Internet including the Security Feature

While improving the internet speed, if we get the wireless security too, it’s like a Diwali bonus? Security is a major concern of the many users while purchasing any router.I doesn’t think any router till now has successful in this except the Orbi.

In Orbi router settings, you can easily enable the security feature and even have the control on the sharing information. If you don’t know how to run and setup the Orbi router, you can take help online.

Do you have a Bigger Space?

Are you trying to get the full speed internet speed with your old or existing routers? Although it impossible but if you want to try, you can add one more router or extender with your existing router. Some routers even don’t have this opportunity. So what can you do? Do you know Netgear’s Orbi pro can extend itself into one or more extender, which is very suitable for the large area offices.

Hoping you have reaches to your desired network speed now! There are few tips more to give a smart tweak on your router performance. Here are they:

  • Firmware Updating.
  • Keeping SSID hidden.
  • Basic rebooting of the router.
  • Switching to orbilogin.com.
  • Disabling the other wireless devices.
  • Making sure the actual problem is from Hardware or from ISPs.

People gets exhausted, some even find themselves in the wrong decision by purchasing that router. But you have to be calmed. They are technical devices without emotion and obviously we are human, we made mistakes. It’s time to learn from the mistake and make you a technical person without any expert help.

Because setting up these new routers and solving such critical and non-critical issues have become a part of our daily life. Either we can spend money on experts or give a try to it!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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