How to Track the Success of Your SEO Campaign

Since the evolution of digital marketing, SEO has always been of primary importance. It would be best to focus on SEO to maximize your business and profit. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you optimize your business web pages and relevant content, thereby ranking your business high in search results. You will want your brand to always remain at the top of Google search results by instilling rich keywords related to your products or the services you provide. Therefore, you can attract quality traffic to your website and improve your online appearance by using the best SEO optimization.

How SEO Boosts Your Business

It is said, “If you can measure something you can improve it.” You can track everything from ranking to conversions, from lost links to improving values, etc. Measuring the impact of your brand on consumers to ways you can refine them, SEO does it all for you. You can always keep track of the success of your SEO, perceived value, and longer client engagement. For ensuring that your SEO efforts go in the right direction, you need to pick the right SEO packages.

SEO packages

How To Measure and Track the Success of Your SEO Campaign

This section will look into the basic ways to measure and keep track of your SEO performance and results. It is of prime importance to know your numbers initially and, after that, evaluate your performance using the SEO strategy. Some of the procedures of measuring SEO success rates are:

  • Conversion rates
  • Time on page
  • Engagement metrics
  • Bounce rate
  • High page visit
  • Search traffic
  • Scroll depth
  • Google Analytics, etc.

Google’s algorithm uses more than 200 ranking factors. But using so many measuring metrics can be confusing as well as hectic. So it is better to stay put to some specific measuring metrics that are of primary importance to your business, and you can also use them to track your SEO success regularly. Let us look into five top procedures through which you can track the success of your SEO campaign.

·        Organic Traffic

Every time a person punches in a word or set of words in the search engine, it is likely that the most relevant results to the word that has been queried for will be displayed according to the usage of SEO for websites. Organic traffic is nothing but a count of the number of visitors who keep a count of all those who clicks your website’s link as it appears on the search results. Since your website provides a relevant service that has been searched for, your website demands organic traffic because of the availability of the targeted audience.

When looking specifically for something, you can provide an instant solution, increasing your visitors or consumers. With the help of certain tools like Domain Overview and Traffic Analytics, you can better understand your targeted audience and how many audiences are visiting your sites.

·        SERP Visibility

Whenever you are looking for something on Google, it produces a search engine results page to get the most relevant results to your query. If you use SEO in a refined way to boost your ranking, your website will always top the results page. You can use the Position Tracking Tool from the SEO toolkit to keep track of your website’s visibility.

·        Keyword Ranking

A keyword is a term that circumscribes anything searched for in the search engine. A single word or a phrase will deliver you many results in the Google SERP or any other search engine. It is seen that more than 25% of people click on the top link that comes in search results. You can always analyze the keywords you are supposed to use to make better SEO rankings for your website.

·        Bounce Rate

Bounce rate helps you track the audiences who click on your website as it comes in the search results but doesn’t involve much interaction. Google Analytics keeps track of all the user’s interactions with your website, whether they are clicking more than one page or just leaving after clicking once on it.

To Conclude

SEO has always remained one of the most efficient tactics for digital marketing. To boost your business, you firstly need to strategize and implement SEO. After that, you will be required to keep track of your daily engagements and rankings based on your audiences. The points mentioned earlier are how to help you keep track of the success your SEO campaign is implementing.

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