How To Take Care Of Your Clothes: Tips To Make Them Last Longer

Your Clothes

Shopping for one’s wardrobe is every girl’s dream. Presently everyone seeks out hassle-free shopping which is only possible with online shopping. Fauve Clothing offers you the best platform for online shopping for kidswear . They have currently launched their new arrival dress for girls. Go check out their website for more.

Similarly managing one’s wardrobe ain’t an easy task.A bit of care and attention is required. Having a sustainable wardrobe needs a lot of effort that can be achieved through these simple tips:


Wash less frequently:

Avoid over laundering since washing a fabric frequently will vanish all of its shine and decrease its lifespan. The more you wash them the more they lose their quality.

Cut down on dry cleaning:

The fabrics that have a label saying dry clean only do not necessarily require dry cleaning. Dry cleaning may have negative effects on the environment, skin, and fabric. You can save your money by washing it at home.

Leave no stains:

Clean out every stain right away. Use a stain spray or wash the affected area only with plain water.

Dry clothes gently:

High dryer heat can cause shrinkage and damage to the fabrics. Use a natural way of drying your clothes that is an air dryer. Hang your clothes in a proper hanger and leave them on your balcony. This will also help you save electricity.

Use cold wash:

Try washing your clothes with cold water since it will help prevent shrinkage of the fabrics and protect their color. On the other hand, using warm water may cause shrinkage and the color may fade.

Wash like with like:

Wash light-colored fabrics together and bright-colored fabrics separately. The darker fabrics may leave a stain on your light-colored fabrics which then may require chemicals to remove the stain.

Use good detergents:

Use eco laundry detergent powders made from biodegradable ingredients which have no negative effects on the environment and the fabric.

Pay attention to care labels:

Different fabrics need different ways of washing. Always check out the label to get an insight on how to wash it. Some fabrics are vulnerable to damage. They can be affected by heat or chemicals. Use a proper washing method for each fabric.


Wear undershirts:

Use proper and light innerwear to protect your outer clothing from sweat stains.

Put used or dirty clothing outside of your wardrobe:

This might leave a stinky smell in your wardrobes and on your fresh clothes as well.

Clean your wardrobes:

Make a habit of cleaning and disinfecting your wardrobes to keep your clothes fresh. The insects and dust inside a wardrobe may damage your fresh clothes.

Your clothes Store properly:

Organize your wardrobes every month. Declutter your least usable clothes and make a proper space for your daily wears and fancy suits. Do not overfill. Use wooden or padded hangers for delicate fabrics to avoid wrinkling. Cover your embellished and fancy clothes in a cotton cover to maintain the shape of an item. Store your clothes in a cool dry space, avoid sunlight exposure. Correct storage can increase the lifespan of your clothes.

Your clothes Buy durable fabrics:

Buy fabrics that are not delicate and prone to damage and need a little amount of care and attention. Save your time and energy. You can check Fauve Clothing for durable fabrics, it offers the best services for online shopping for kidswear. Also, they have launched their new arrival dress for girls.

Empty your pockets:

Always check your pockets before putting them in the washing machine since they will make a mess later.

Your Clothes Alter and Repair:

Refresh and repurpose your old clothes into new ones to last them longer. For instance, you can make a shirt piece out of your mother’s old saree. Also, repair any damage to sustain a clothe.

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