Discover Your Best Customers
You most likely have hundreds or thousands of clients and prospects on your client and prospect lists as a result of your website, email, and social media marketing efforts. Keep track of which customers made a recent purchase, who are frequent buyers, and who were generous with their purchases. Once you’ve found them, make them a top priority for your sales and marketing efforts, and use their customer data to help you find and attract new customers.

Locate Your Customers Geographically
Examine your POS platforms for trends, paying special attention to where your best customers are. Certain neighbor hoods, locales, cities, or regions will be far more profitable than the rest of the market. You can then use this data to improve your sales and marketing strategies in these areas.

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Identify Customer Niches
Throughout the selling cycle, you will most likely encounter customers who exhibit specific behaviors that indicate buyer intent. Use this data to identify commonalities among prospects who are actively looking to buy and build on their experiences to move them down your sales funnel.

Deal with Difficult Customers
Whether you like it or not, you’ll be dealing with difficult-to-please or overly demanding customers who will put your patience to the test and reduce your productivity numbers with unnecessary, recurring questions or requests. If you’re at their beck and call, it means you’re not setting clear expectations or being firm about what constitutes good customer service. Examine these customers and their purchasing habits. Are they among your top 20%?
You could be wasting valuable time engaging with and responding to customers who, in the long run, aren’t worth the time and effort. Setting reasonable expectations is the most effective way to deal with customers who waste your time.

Delight Your Best Customers
Certain clients will always be your high-volume buyers, but it is critical not to take them for granted. Don’t lose sight of your best clients while you’re preoccupied with acquiring new customers or dealing with difficult clients. Make certain that you are always in contact with your best clients and that you are providing a superior customer experience. Maintain these types of customers’ satisfaction with your service by interacting with them on a more personal level and exploring additional business opportunities with them.

Watch How Your Best Salespeople Work
Take note of your organization’s top 20% of salespeople. These are the members of your team who are most effective at closing sales or delighting customers. Whatever characteristics and techniques your top salespeople possess should serve as a yardstick for forming additional teams or training the rest of your sales force.

Manage Your Operational Costs
Managing your costs benefits you on multiple levels: it saves you money by avoiding counterproductive measures and allows you to make sound budget decisions. For example, you may decide to let go of ineffective salespeople while increasing the daily meal allowance for your remaining team, thereby increasing your sales team’s productivity and efficiency at work.

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