How to Style Accessories for a New Look Everyday

The best thing about fashion is that there are tons of ways you can wear one outfit. That means you don’t need deep pockets to be the most style-savvy individual on the block.

If you know how to style accessories in different ways, you’ll have a new look for every day of the week without going over budget.

Trends might change every season, but certain items are evergreen – never going out of style. Every fashion-forward woman has a little black dress, white and black tops and tees, denim jeans, and so on in her wardrobe; and, with a bit of help from your collection of accessories, you can turn your minimalist attire into one for the runway.

Thus, here are a few ideas to help you style your accessories for a new look:

Add a Touch of Gold for a Royal Look

You must have a plain white tee-shirt in your closet. You might think it’s ugly and dull; but, it’s the simplicity of the outfit that is your blank canvas. You can throw in any dash of color to upgrade your look and make it trendy.

That said gold is the best way to style any item. Metallic touch to any plain tee will work with a pair of denim, leggings, and even slacks when going formal. You can also add a jacket to complete the look.

Also, try different ways to wear your gold; bracelets, layered necklaces, or a solo gold chain with a pendant around your neck is sure to add elegance and class to any minimalist style.

Consider a Belt with Your LBD

A belt is an under-appreciated accessory in your wardrobe. It’s not only to hold up your pants around your waist. But, it can also take any retired, old garment and give it a new look.

Take your little black dress in the closet, for instance. With a belt, you can add a dramatic flair to your ensemble without going overboard with accessorizing.

Go for a belt with a small buckle to keep it subtle; not only will it give you a touch of color in your wardrobe but paired with matching shoes it’ll be a whole new look. For example, a thin nude belt with your black dress accompanied with neutral tone heels, handbag, a leopard print scarf, and your sunglasses; all combine into one classy look fit for any occasion.

Change Your Handbag

You might not carry a handbag all the time, but even this accessory can change your appearance.

The same bag on your arm for every occasion can dull the appeal of your ensemble. So, try to switch it up a bit; go for cross-body designs or a clutch at times. It’s okay to try sequins when you’re going to a party or bold tone for a confident persona.

Move away from the neutral tones that you’re used to and get a new collection for your wardrobe. Plus, with coupon websites like PennySaviour here to save your budget, you can shop the best brands without overspending.

Shoes and Bag Don’t Need to Match

With color contrasts and color blocking taking over the world of fashion, you don’t need to match your shoes with your handbag. The different they are, the fresher your look will be.

Be daring and pair a trending dark shade of handbag with more in-style animal print shoes or contrasting colors like a bright clutch with a black peep-toe.

Don’t Leave Your Wrist Bare

When it comes to accessorizing any outfit, you can’t leave your wrists naked. For a simple but eye-catching look, wear multiple bracelets on your wrists.

You can either look for bundles in stores or be creative with what’s in your jewelry box. Take a statement color in your outfit and mix and match with contrasting tones to make it more elegant and classy.

Scarves for the Head, Neck or Wrist

The 2019 female fashion trends say that the scarves are an accessory you cannot leave at home. If you want a new look from your minimalist closet without spending too much, invest in a silk scarf or wool and cashmere for the winter days.

Tie it around your neck in multiple ways or use it as a hair tie or headband. Some women even wrap it around their wrist like the Barden Bellas. You can also accessorize your handbags with scarves for a trendy look.

Plus, since it’s hard to accessorize in the winter, scarves add contrasting colors to dark, winter tones. It also acts as a statement accessory that ties the whole outfit together and saves you the trouble of having to choose multiple accessories.

Final Thoughts

These are a few ways you can upgrade your style and change simple, minimalist fashions into off-the-runway looks. Plus, since most women have these items in their closet, you won’t even need to spend a fortune to get a new wardrobe.

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