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Research shows that the average concertation time for adults is two hours.  But, some people go for only one hour before their mind switching off.   It’s terrible if you have an upcoming end-of-semester exam or a bulk of informal essays. Here are some tips to help you study without getting bored.

Reward your efforts

Look for ways to reward you after studying for a long. It will help you to always look forward to another study time.  For instance, you can go out with friends or watch a movie. But, your reward system should be dynamic.

 Otherwise, your brain will get used to it and stop responding with excitement. So, you need a long list of how to celebrate your wins.

Set a studying limit

Some want to do the impossible, studying the whole day.  Your brain has a maximum time it can concentrate.  You start getting bored when you extend this time.  Decide to study for two hours. Your reading routines become a passion and not a burden.

Take breaks

Allow your mind to rest after a rigorous study. Students think that since they have a large portion to read, having breaks is a waste of time. They end up reading five chapters only to understand two sections. It’s not the amount of content you read but what your brain retains after two days. Take at least fifteen minutes after every two hours. Alternate units

informal essays

Don’t read the same thing for long. Take a maximum of three hours to read a unit and alternate with other subjects.  The method applies even during exam time. If you must read one unit in a day, ensure you have breaks and only study at the maximum time.  Reading the same thing for long will make you forget whatever you have read earlier.

Alternatively, look for an essay writing service from the internet to help you handle your tomorrow’s paper instead of wasting time reading long and failing.

 Study as a group

The best way to enjoy studying is by joining groups. They encourage you to stay in your books for long as you observe how other people take their studies seriously.  You will also concentrate more after realizing that you are not the only one reading.

Join a group with your classmates.  It will be easier to study since you can ask for clarification from them.  Besides, you can even decide to study the same subject with them.  But avoid forming a group based on friendship.  You will probably waste much time catching up and giving stories instead of concentrating on your study.  

Put away distractions

You get bored when you start studying because you can’t compare books with an ongoing soccer game on your television.  So, when you are not studying for an exam, you easily replace your books with the show.  

Ensure you move to a place with no distraction. If you live in a distracting environment, it would be better to remain in school or go to a library.  You will have more time with your books. But, you must be determined to read because you can carry your phone and continue watching the game with your earphones.

Be disciplined

Your study guidelines will not be effective if you are not disciplined. You need to remain true to your word if you want to have a happy reading time.  For instance, if you say that you will move away from distractions, do not carry your games on your phone. If it’s time for studying, stop getting into social media.

Have an accountable partner

Ask a friend to watch over your studying behavior. Give them the power to fine you or inflict any form of restrictions if you break your reading rule. For instance, for every chat during study time, you will donate ten dollars to an NGO.

 These are the tips to help you to study happily. Use them to read for your upcoming exams or assignment. But, they will only work if you are disciplined.  If you have any information to add please leave a comment.

By Anurag Rathod

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