How to Stride and Commence Media Company in the UAE

commence media company

Advertisements and Media corporations are the new trend in the market. And with UAE being the most prominent country in the middle east contributes numerous businesses within the proximity range of media, marketing, holding companies, etc.

When it comes to advertisements we tend to think about the billboards and as we know Burj khalifa standing tall showcasing the largest advertisement screen in the world. 

Apart from Dubai, there are other promising emirates as well in the UAE, that are exceptional for different reasons. One such emirate is the Emirate of Sharjah. 

Sharjah is the most secure and exceedingly progressed Emirate. The trade exercises conducted to account for more than 45% of the country’s Net Household Item (G.D.P.). A city with has ports within the Middle eastern Gulf’s eastern and western coasts and with the Indian Sea and quick associations to North Africa, the Emirate offers amazing openings for remote financial specialists. Speculators have the plausibility of opening different commerce substances among which L.L.C., joint-stock companies, department workplaces, and auxiliary.

In arrange for commerce, both neighborhood and universal, to thrive within the city, there exist some easily accessible freezones in Sharjah such as shams where one can set up a trade with less costs included. In reality, Shams offers cheaper implies to set up commerce within the UAE as compared to another emirate.

Some of Sharjah’s free trade zones are –

Sharjah Airport International Freezone 

It is famously known as the SAIF zone and was set up in 1995. This zone is expansive and is domestic to around 6000 companies hailing from over 90 nations. It too features an exceptionally vital area and happens to be put at an intersection between major exchange courses that connect the east to the west. Other than this, it is found near to the Sharjah Worldwide Air terminal and shapes a major center for cargo.

Hamriyah Freezone 

This freezone was moreover built up within the year 1995 and is frequently characterized as one of the foundations of mechanical advancement in Sharjah. This free exchange zone offers a geographic advantage unmatched by no other within the UAE and offers simple get to major worldwide markets, be it by discuss, arrive, or ocean. It is a financial specialist situated freezone and offers dynamism and adaptability. The Hamriyah Freezone is the culmination for businesses that drop within the category of little and medium ventures (SMEs).

Shams Freezone

Setting up a business in Shams Freezone is preferred by the entrepreneur class as it is very well known for being a home to several organizations with local, national, and multi-national operations. Also, the local governing bodies of Sharjah encourage the entrepreneurs for the ongoing mission of Sharjah Business Setup in the emirate.

Shams freezone has gained popularity due to the media activities offered. An Entrepreneurs hub or can say it a HubSpot for startups.

Benefits are the foremost reason when it comes to an enthusiast entrepreneur’s then shams freezone is the key, exceptional activities offered by the administration.

The local government of Sharjah avails various offers to startups as well as the existing businesses that plan for expansion. Certified business consultants are competent in various government approvals, VISA services, PRO services, and arranging virtual offices as well. Almost all legal documentation parts are mostly handled by the consultants, letting you concentrate on your business.

The in-house specialist can avail in accommodations that include trade licensing, visa requisites, licit documentations, and conclusively, getting approbation from regime ascendant entities.

Let’s now talk about the real benefits of the freezone. There are many advantages by the different freezones but when it comes to money, that merit is inducing. Ask a businessman he will always intend to save money and shams freezone has taken care of the same.

Owning a company in the UAE is no more a dream, and that too in a promising emirate Sharjah. 

Most of the foreign ex-pats prefer shams freezone, as it offers 100% ownership, different media activities. 

Some of the advantages of setting up of business in Sharjah freezone are as follows:

· No income or corporate tax.

· No trade barriers and foreign exchange controls.

· Offers alluring incentives

· Offers good infrastructure

But wait! What is the actual process and where to start with?

If these queries are bothering you then the following guidelines will help and give a general idea about the procedure.

Steps involved in Company Setup in Shams Freezone

Many of them contemplate where to start? how to start?

So here are the simple steps if followed can make success stories.

· A public notary should sign the company’s MOA and lease agreement to kick start the process

· Submit necessary documents.

· Trade license is just a payment away

· Get the approval from the Name board

· Apply for the establishment card and Get approbation from the Ministry of Labor for hiring an employee

· Get the visa stamped.

· Decide the type of business activity.

· Submit the company registration form to the concerned administration

But is it enough to start a business in the UAE? 

Certified consultants are the real heroes and any business needs the right strategy and choosing from the consultants can be a tiresome task. But with all the requirements above one can easily choose the location and start their very own business.

Summary – If you are probing for a business setup in shams freezone. You can find and have a simple and expeditious company setup in Sharjah. Though it is said that one can easily start or set up a business in the UAE, still there are some challenging tasks when it comes to documentation and investors’ nationality. But need not worry as there are business consultants in the UAE who can help you throughout the process. This doesn’t end here, they can even help you with the visa allocation for your employers, PRO services, translation services. Apart from this for the newbies, a market advisor is scheduled so one can get a general idea about the business environment in the UAE.

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