5 Common Laptop Problems and how to solve them

Laptop Problems

The old time has passed, the world today is mobile and they need a computing power to accommodate that. With the time, the technology has also gone from a bulky and heavy to lighter and portable. Laptops you find today are much more different than the ones in old ages. Now they are very slim, lightweight and extremely portable to carry around. That doesn’t mean that now gaming laptop doesn’t have problems. Common problems in laptops still arise and we are going to explain, how to fix them.

Loud Fan or Heating up Followed by Shutdown

In today world, we take laptop with ourselves to everywhere whether it be a school, office or tour to someplace. Due to the exposure to the outside environment, it’s quite evident that it will intake dust or foreign particle to the air cooling system via fan.

Another problem is that we place laptop most of the time in our laptop, on a cushion or carpet. This leads to blocking of air through vents that leads to heating of the laptop that causes slowing down and shutdowns.

To solve this problem, you will need to use hard flat surfaces that will allow the air to pass and keep your laptop clean and cool. Secondly, limit the number of programs that you use, most of the time programs are open that we don’t need and cause the laptop to slow down. The number of opened programs, the more resources are used which leads to over load the laptop and make it hard to work.

Laptop Running Slowly

This is the most common problem faced by each one of us. After installing a new operating, the  laptop works great but after a few months it slow down. Most of the time it’s because of the hard drive space, malware or first sign of the hardware failure. The new windows update the programs and also keep the old version as a backup, in case you want to roll back. This happens to take a lot of space and result in slowing down your programs. You can always delete them through the disk clean-up program. 

To counter this issue, you need to keep you laptop drives clean. Check if they are not too much data, always leave some space empty so that it has a chance to breath. Furthermore, always remove unimportant data, cookies and temporary files via disk clean-up or some third party application. 

Battery Doesn’t Last Long

The battery is something that everyone is talking about. It’s the first thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a laptop. As laptop is a wireless machine, everyone has a fear of running out of juice. 

Most of the time, after using for a quite a long time battery starts problems, like random shutdowns or droping the charge too quickly. 

To help you out in slighting increasing your battery time. You need to re-calibrate your laptop battery. You will need to drain your battery completely and recharge it. Doing that for a few time will solve your problem. if that doesn’t solve your problem, then you will need to replace your battery. 

No Internet

Its very common with the laptop that you lose your internet connection. Most of the time, its not a hardware problem. Before going over there follow these basic steps.

On the most laptop, there is a wireless sign button, switch it OFF and then turn it ON. Ensure it’s ON. The next thing you need to do is reboot your router. Do the power draining tactic. Turn it off for 10 to 20 seconds, let all the power drain and plug it back ON. That may solve your problem. If you are still facing a problem, go to the control panel and troubleshoot your connection. 

Black Screen

This is very rare but sometimes you turn on your laptop, you hear it running but the laptop screen is black.

To counter this problem, you need to turn off the laptop, remove the battery and hold the power button for around 30 seconds. Replug your power cord and reboot. The shutdown again and attack battery and reboot. This will solve your problem for sure. Thanks!

This will solve most of your problems if you try these fixes and still face problems. You need to bring your laptop to a laptop repair professional, they will solve your problem.

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