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In a way, we’ve not seen since the iPhone for 2009 Alexa robbed the hearts and minds of the tech world. A few years ago, Amazon Echo was introduced as a clever little Bluetooth speaker with an Alexa embedded voice control interface. Say it, the term wake, and the speaker lights up, follows orders and answers questions. A new wake word (along with existing options of saying “Amazon,” “Echo” or Alexa’s) “was adequately compared to the shipboard computer at Star Trek’s USS Enterprise (even by myself), for which Amazon could get his attention.

A recent update to our Echo study shows the original speaker is still a star, and Alexa is used in other Amazon devices— the Amazon Echo Spot and the Amazon Tap, not to mention Fire TV and Voice Store fire TV (even first generations). All this is due to Alexa’s strength. Before use to know how to set up Alexa.


The path from voice input to echo can seem easy, but it depends on an incredibly complex operation. For example, a user could say‘ Alexa, what’s the weather in Seattle? The first step signals that enable the system to interpret the audio by cleaning the signal as often as possible. The transmission of signals in faraway audio is one of the most critical tasks. The goal is to increase the desired signal, which ensures that external noise such as Television or dishwasher can be detected and minimized to a minimum. Beamforming is used to alleviate these problems— seven microphones that signify where the sound comes from so that the system can concentrate on it. The cancelation of the sound echo is understood when it is performed and can remove this signal.


Models for Android such as a phone or tablet

• Google Covenant

 • Wi-Fi-enabled home network (Wi‐Fi Dual-band allows 802.11 a / b / g / n networks (2.4 GHz and 5GHz))

• Amazon Password

 • Facebook password. It does not support WI-FI models that support Alexa skills (see support models) to connect with the ad hoc (and peer to peer) Wi-Fi networks

 • Amazon Echo.

 • handheld devices such as a phone or tablet

 • Amazon account

 • Google account

 • Wifi home network (WLAN accepts 802,11 a / b / g / n (2.4, 5 GHz) networks)

 • Amazon account

• Google Home allows Wi-Fi networks. It does not allow ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi connectivity)TV supporting the Alexa skill

 • Amazon Echo device (see the supported model).

Mobile devices

To attach your TV to the Amazon Alexa device, please do this

• Click the HOME button on the remote control provided.

• Back to Mobile scroll down.

• Choose the Amazon Alexa app for the TV Remote System.

• Display the screenshot of the Amazon Alexa App TV Control Setup Note: You will not be able to find the Amazon Alexa App TV Control Setup if you do not sponsor your TV.

• Select Next to start on the original setup pad. Follow the instructions on the computer to finish the process.

• Choose Cooperation on the panel of the Privacy Policy.

• Pick Next from the login to the Google Panel.

• Choose and move to the next phase of your GoogleTM account.

• Choose a TV name that is easy to say or build your own.

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