How to Select the Best Mud Filter Screens?

Mud Filter Screen

Extensively used in Sugar Mills to get rid of unwanted particles these screens are extremely useful. During the processing of sugar they help remove dirt and other small constituents from the juices. A Mud Filter Screen is manufactured using latest technology and raw material of optimum grade. Such screen is strictly tested out on different factors. This type of filter screen is available in a variety of customary specifications. It is enormously important to choose filter screens having precise perforation of holes with accurate thickness. Such feature helps to make sure maximum efficiency of filter screens.      

Looking out for top Mud Filter Screens 

The best mud filters comes in wide range. The main purpose of Mud Filter Screen is to develop the potential of mud extraction. While doing so, it further ensures maximum recovery of sucrose. It incorporates various design modification in order to create sugar processing functions more advantageous. The design and construction of such sugar filters helps to lessen the operational expenses in processing the sugar. This filter screen is brought into use to retain sugar crystals from the mud. It is also helpful in retrieving fibre out of the clarifier ahead of getting disposed. 

While selecting filter screens of most advantageous qualities, one must check for certain factors. The manufacturers of such screens must provide some basic services along with the delivery of screen. Maintenance, Upgrade Services and Inspection at regular intervals is to be always provided. Many manufacturers provide the services of upgradation and refurbishment as an optional solution. Older filtration apparatus is usually refurbished in the best concern of clients. The technicians are supposed to make regular onsite visits. Such professionals are well-trained and skilled.     

The mud filter screen of optimum quality must be able to retain mud and fibre. It helps in the creation of filter cake. The unit or system where mud filters are applied is believed to possess ideal mixing ahead of separation. Such screens must be helpful in separating solids and liquids autonomously. It is an important step to go with the specific functional criteria.  

Selecting the best Mud Filter Screens

To choose the most excellent Mud Filter Screen, one must look out for certain features. The noteworthy features to be considered are-   

  1. Improved quality of perforation
  2. Rotary screens which allow for large flows to be pumped over the screen inside
  3. Separate the liquids and mud effectively 
  4. De-sweetening and De-watering the separated mud 
  5. Durability
  6. Robust design
  7. Continuous and automatic operation
  8. Sturdy construction
  9. Rust proof
  10. Excellent performance
  11. Automatic nonstop operation and unsoiled filter station
  12. Speedy filter cycle for increased throughput and decreased inversion of sugar 

The Contemporary Mud Filter Screens 

The filter screens brought into use at the Sugar Mills haven’t changed that much during the last 20 years. This is one of the major filtration technology engaged in sugar processing, around the world. However, by employing new technologies the profitability for Sugar Mills are getting amplified. The latest technology facilitates retention of mud solids, increases recovery of sugar and reduces moisture of the cake. A Mud Filter Screen is made up of stainless steel, brass and copper and has predefined perforated holes. Such screen may last for quite a few seasons when handled with effective care. As they undergo exceptionally slight wear and tear, they are not supposed to be replaced. 

Modern filter screen manufacturers utilise latest and pioneering techniques to manufacture quality screens for sugar processing units. They also apply quality management systems to meet the growing demands and requirements of the sugar industry. Their main aim is to manufacture trustworthy and resilient products and make them available at competitive prices. 


The best quality of mud filters are extremely competent and make available low maintenance solution. It is very productive for the sugar mills in processing sugar. They are accomplished in washing or filtering unwanted substances which reduces the residual content of sugar. This is a continuous filtration process that provides the sugar mills an important course. If the filter screen accomplishes the most advantageous separation, it can be big boost in the long run. That is the reason why to select the best mud filter screens means a lot in this competitive time. 

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