How to Select the Right Material For Eyelash Packaging?

eyelash packaging

Musing and magical eyes with a touch of luscious eyelashes are only found in fiction movies and novels. In actuality, not everyone is blessed with the thick and long lash line. Just like makeup is used to intensify the facial features, artificial eyelashes are used to make one’s eyes look protruding.

There are several different brands and types of eyelashes available in the supermarket, and it can be confusing to find the right one. Material, thickness, shape, and length are important factors to keep in mind when buying falsies.

After perfecting their cosmetic product, retailers turn their heads towards custom printed eyelash boxes to help buyers make better decisions.

Paper board Eyelash Packaging

Paperboard is a popular paper-based packaging material that is lightweight and strong at the same time. Packaging vendors can easily cut and manipulated paper board to create custom shapes and structures to create perfect eyelash packaging. Such characteristics of paper board packaging make it ideal so that retailers can use it in personalized packaging.

Packaging manufacturers prepare paper boards by turning fiber materials that come from timber wood or recycled waste paper into pulp and afterward bleach to make it more sturdy. Paperboard packaging comes in various grades, each suitable for different packaging requirements.

Packaging manufacturers use solid bleached sulfate, commonly known as SBS, to pack cosmetics, electronics, milk and juice, cosmetics, food products, and more. Selecting Kraft or coated unbleached Kraft paper packaging is for people who prefer the natural and eco-friendly look of recycled eyelash packaging, which you can use for similar packaging applications.

Kraft is less resistant to moisture among other packaging materials, which makes it a little less suitable for edible products or the frozen item packaging. With the correct combination of design options, paperboard packaging can look more premium at a low price range.

Corrugated Eyelash Boxes

Corrugated eyelash boxes simply relate to what is commonly known as Cardboard eyelash boxes. A corrugated eyelash box is the one that many consider as cardboard as it produces the large shipping, cosmetic & eyelash boxes.  Many retailers do not realize corrugated eyelash boxes come in several types based on the packaging box’s durability and strength.

However, identifying a specific packaging material is easy. How do you ascertain the packaging material? You can assess any packaging material through its corrugated medium or its fluting.

It consists of a total of three paper layers, an outside layer, an inside layer, and a medium corrugated layer that most people know as fluting. The corrugated medium gives it strength and rigidity to the corrugated eyelash boxes.

The primary raw material used to prepare the corrugated board is the most recycled paper, made on sizeable high-precision devices known as corrugators. Retailers reuse and recycle these types of boards as a source of pulp fiber. Corrugated paper boards come in different types: single-faced, double-faced, twin wall, and triple wall.

You can use them to make packaging with different features, performances, and concentrations. The corrugated paper board is cut and folded into various sizes and shapes to become corrugated eyelash packaging. Other corrugated board packaging applications include retail packaging, delivery boxes, small cosmetic goods packages, and so on.

Rigid Eyelash Packaging Boxes

We are certain that you’ve always wondered the type of custom eyelash boxes wholesale they use to package iPhones or those luxury products such as the watch icon Rolex, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci.

You feel that it’s a cardboard card but still weren’t sure because of its durable and premium finish. This type of cardboard material is known as a rigid box.

A rigid box is made out of highly compressed paperboard that is four times thicker than the paperboard used to construct a standard folding carton. The most straightforward real-world example of rigid boxes is the boxes that hold all of Apple’s products, and they are two-piece setup rigid boxes.

Compared to corrugated and paperboard boxes, rigid boxes are undoubtedly among the most expensive boxes available in the packaging industry. The rigid boxes usually do not require dies that are unreasonable or require massive machinery, and they are often hand-made.

Their non-collapsible characteristic also gives them a more significant volume during shipping, which quickly incurs higher shipping fees.


The quality of Custom eyelash boxes highly depends on the type of material you select for its manufacturing. However, depending on your budget, you can make a wise choice to select the appropriate material.

Above this post, we went through the popular materials that retailers use to manufacture eyelash packaging boxes. If you don’t worry about the weight and expenses, rigid boxes are the ones to provide that unmatched strength and present your eyelashes most lavishly.

However, if you are getting a little tight on your packaging budget, go for Kraft, as it the most affordable and light packaging material.

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