How to Search for the Best Attorneys in The UAE?

The United Arab Emirates has a dynamic and extensive legal sector with legal professionals ranging from transactional lawyers, real estate lawyers, corporate and commercial lawyers, civil and criminal law lawyers to family lawyers. An important distinction of the legal fraternity of the United Arab Emirates is the concept of ‘Advocates’ and ‘Legal Consultants’. Wherein advocates represent local lawyers, licensed to represent before the UAE courts, and legal consultants are authorized for other legal services. 

When seeking legal advice in the UAE, you should research for the best attorney at law in advance and ensure that you are approaching well-established international law firms that provide specialized services in diverse legal matters. You can reach the best attorneys in UAE by viewing the success stories, legal awards and accolades won by them. The legal 500 database lists some of the most reputed international law firms in the United Arab Emirates. Other databases that can assist you in your search, include the Dubai Court service and the UAE Ministry of Justice database of lawyers. Similarly, embassies and consulates in the UAE also maintain law firms’ lists for legal services in the UAE and often specify the list of lawyer’s emirate wise, so you can easily check for List Of Law Firms In Abu Dhabi or for other emirates.

The UAE has strict compliance requirements towards the licensing of the law firms, and the same applies for the licensing of lawyers. In addition, there exist separate compliance requirements for the law firms established in the free zone, such as the Dubai International Free zone (DIFC). Attorneys in UAE be it the legal consultants or the advocates are regulated at the federal level by the ministry of justice and at the emirate by the Legal and Risk Management Affairs Advisory Unit of the Executive Affairs Authority and Legal affairs department etc.

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When taking legal consultation with the attorney of your choice, be sure to enquire on the following basic questions, that can often be overlooked, such as:

  • Whether the attorney is overbooked or has the required time to assist you in the given matter?
  • Is the attorney specialized in the given type of legal matter? If so, how many years of practice do they have?
  • Is the professional charges part of a fixed fees structure or is it on an hourly or other variable fees concept?
  • What are the applicable court fees that you might have to pay, in addition to the professional charges?

It is highly recommended to have a clear understanding of the above-mentioned parameters so that you can take an informed decision and place your trust in the legal process. The best attorneys ensure that your queries are always well received by them, and they often go to additional lengths to provide you with all the relevant information.

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